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Contact us now and get:

License to a retail business an alcohol and tobacco

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

In service included:

  • it is a grant of consultations in relation to requirements to the licensee and documents;
  • it is preparation of necessary documents / of information;
  • it is a representative office of interests of customer in public authorities on all stages of receipt of license;
  • it is a serve of package, necessary documents in the organ of licensing;
  • it is a receipt and dispatch of license to the client;
  • it is a guarantee of complete indemnification at a force-majeure;

About us

The specialists of legal company "Legal Solutions" the having long-term practical experience helping to the licensed subjects, ready to offer the most complete complex of the services related to registration of licenses to a right for a retail business tobacco wares and alcoholic beverages, in the earliest possible dates.

  • Our company gives services in this sphere already more than 5 years;
  • Our lawyers studied the practical side of question in detail;
  • All volume of work on preparation of necessary package of documents we undertake;
  • We will consult you free of charge;
  • it is the Maximally compressed term of preparation of documents and registration of license;
  • Without the personal being and requirement in intermingling with civil servants;
At the receipt of license to a retail business an alcohol the presence of client is optional. We all will do for you and will help to get rid from superfluous bureaucratic troubles.

Alcoholic products are food products, that is produced with the use or without the use of the ethyl spirit produced from food raw material, and (or) with alcholol in food products, with maintenance of ethyl spirit a more than 0,5 percent of volume of the prepared products, except for food products in accordance with the list set by Law.

Alcoholic products are subdivided into such kinds, as strong waters (including vodka, cognac), wine, fruit wine, lequeur wine, sparkling wine (champagne), winy drinks, beer and drinks, made on the basis of beer, cider, perry, mead. A license to a right for trading in alcoholic beverages - it the permissive document of state standard, notarizing a right for his possessor to accomplish wholesale and retail trade.

If you want to economize Your time and nerves, then the most effective decision in this case will be registration of license by means of experience specialists.

A license to a retail business an alcohol gives next advantages:

  • Possibility to open an own cafe or restaurant
  • To be competitive at the market of similar services
  • To avoid legal responsibility for realization of this type of activity licence free manner.

Who does need an alcoholic license?

  • to Proprietors of supermarkets, shops, booths, market places and other.
  • to Proprietors of пабов, bars, night-clubs and other
  • to Proprietors of other places, where the sale of wares comes true.
  • Those, who wishes to prolong the alcoholic license at that a term elapsed already.

If you engage in realization of alcoholic and tobacco products licence free manner, time to be thoughtful about her receipt.

In Ukraine, as well as all over the world, the widespread and profitable, and that is why advantageous type of conduct of trade is a sale of tobacco and alcoholic wares.

According to a current legislation there is the economic activity related to the production, regulated the wholesale and retail selling of alcoholic beverages and tobacco wares by the state, and also subject to licensing. In case of not observance of the set norms a legislation approvals are envisaged.

You must present next documents:

  • original and notarial notarized copy of Extract from the Single state register;
  • receipt about payment of license with the wet printing of bank;
  • certificate of tax inspection about registration all, plugged in a license ЭККА or books of record of calculation operations;
  • certificate at the place of retail business, about put of facilities in a budget.

And also, information:

  • data about the name, adress shop, where it will be realized alcohol;
  • data about a producer and date of production, model, plant number, modifications electronic cash registers or registration numbers of books of record of calculation operations;
  • addresses of places of storage of alcoholic wares (if they do not coincide with the mestome of trade);
  • bank essential elements of enterprise (for legal entities).

Necessary requirements for the receipt of license :

  • Point of sale must be equipped by РРО (cash register) or commodity-cash book, in that a profit yield is fixed from the sales of alcoholic beverages, regardless of whether the sale of other commodities is recorded through them.
  • the Trade area must be no less than 20 sq. m. For every point of sale a separate license is needed.

If you are interested in acquisition of license to an alcohol - bravely ring to us by phone. you will be able to make sure, that working in a tandem with the professionals of high class, registration of license - it, foremost, the economy of Your time and easy way for the achievement of necessary result.

The employees of company "Legal Solutions" have enormous experience in the receipt of license to an alcohol. With us you will avoid superfluous troubles and will get a license trading in alcoholic beverages in the earliest possible dates. Apply, we assuredly will get and will give for you this license due to that you will be able to begin realization of the activity.

Algorithm of work at registration of license :

  • We get Request from a client;
  • We conduct the personal meeting with a client;
  • Receipt of pre-pay;
  • Preparation and drafting of necessary package of documents (statements, letters, warrants);
  • Serve of the prepared package of documents in the Public organs;
  • Control and accompaniment of package of documents are in the Public organs of Ukraine;
  • Receipt of license and transmission to the customer.


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