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Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, UK, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Seychelles, Belize and etc.

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Appeal against state bodies officials decisions

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

Actions or inaction of officials of state bodies may affect or violate the rights and interests of individuals and legal entities. In this case, you don't have to put up with it. The right decision is to get qualified legal assistance from the Legal Solutions company.

Our experts know that appealing against acts of officials will help each client protect their rights. By contacting us, you can count on a personalized, expert approach to solving the problem.

To become our client, get advice or find out detailed information, choose any optimal way to contact us:

  • feedback form on the site;
  • phone call;
  • e-mail.

Appealing decisions of officials: a list of Legal Solutions services

Regardless of the nature of the problem and its complexity for each client, we will find the best solution and help to appeal against the decisions of officials of local governments, state authorities. Our services include:

  1. Legal analysis of the situation and the decisions of officials.
  2. Development of the legal position of the client.
  3. Assessment of prospects.
  4. The choice of the optimal method of appeal: the protection of rights in an administrative order (appeal of the act to a higher authority) or the protection of the client's rights in court.
  5. Preparation of a package of documents for applying to the court.
  6. Representation of client's interests in court.
  7. Appealing a court decision in a court of appeal, cassation instance (if necessary).
  8. Professional advice.
  9. Representation of the client's interests in the state bodies.

Why do clients trust us to appeal decisions of government officials?

Specialists of the "Legal Solutions" company have repeatedly helped clients to appeal the decisions of officials: our lawyers have managed to win the cases, protecting the rights of clients in the legal field.

Asking us for help, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • predicted result;
  • professional assistance from specialists of our company;
  • full range of services;
  • objective, realistic assessment of the prospects of the case.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality. As part of the provision of legal assistance, we always act in favor of the client and strictly comply with the requirements of the law.

Appeal to the decisions of officials is the constitutional right of every person in our country. If you think that your rights and legitimate interests have been violated, do not waste time and contact the "Legal Solutions" company. We always protect the interests of our clients!


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