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If you're having business or personal relationship problems that can't be resolved without the help of a qualified professional, it's time to consider getting an attorney. In Kharkiv, a lawyer is in demand, because it is a city with a population of one million. It constantly requires the protection of the interests of individuals and legal entities in court, other bodies and organizations. Therefore, if you have a lawyer, you will feel more confident. You must have landed on this page on the request “I am searching for a lawyer in Kharkiv” and you were not mistaken! We will help protect your personal interests and legal rights, defend your business, deal with divorce and custody rights.

Lawyer or attorney in Kharkiv?

A lawyer must be distinguished from an attorney. Lawyer is a profession in the field of law. But not each attorney is the lawyer: he receives this status within the framework of the profession, represents, defends the interests of a suspect, accused in court, defends interests in civil, criminal, administrative and other disputes.

Those who want to become an attorney work as a lawyer for 2 years and pass an exam. An attorney is a position that provides for a much broader range of powers than a lawyer. Lawyers can be employed in various fields, work in the public sector, small and medium-sized businesses, in manufacturing, provide legal services in private, but in certain cases their powers are limited. An attorney has much more opportunities, a lawyer has a narrow specialization.

If you do not know who you need, it is better to contact us for advice. We will connect you with the necessary specialist in the area of law to which your case belongs.

Lawyers from Kharkiv for each client

Sooner or later, almost everyone can have a situation where the help of a lawyer is indispensable:

  • real estate problems;
  • inheritance disputes;
  • distribution of property;
  • debt collection;
  • representation of interests in criminal cases;
  • disputes with the tax office, government agencies, etc.

It often happens that an innocent person is accused of a criminal offense. A strategy is needed in such difficult situations, clear and built by a professional lawyer.

Kharkiv can get the help of a lawyer in full: not only consultation, but also full support in court. Careful preparation of documents, assistance in collecting evidence, work with witnesses is necessary. The court cannot be won alone if you are not an expert.

How can lawyers in Kharkiv help? What problems to deal with?

Kharkiv provides lawyer services in the following key areas:

  • consideration of administrative cases;
  • criminal offenses;
  • economic disputes;
  • everything related to family law: divorce, parental rights, place of residence of the child, guardianship, adoption;
  • land disputes: purchase, lease of land, inheritance, division of plots, easements;
  • real estate transactions;
  • loans, disputes with banks and MFIs;
  • migration issues;
  • criminal proceedings;
  • accident;
  • disputes with insurance companies;
  • medical law;
  • commercial law;
  • civil law, etc.

Lawyer services in Kharkiv. What kind of work (services) does he do?

The required list of legal services depends on the area of law. Consideration of civil cases, as a rule, is easier than criminal ones. The cost will also be determined individually. Get the services of the attorney (Kharkiv), the price of which is affordable for many:

  1. Full operational analysis of your case.
  2. Definition of prospects.
  3. Analysis of documentation with full expertise.
  4. Preparation of necessary documents: the specialist will draw up a claim, complaint, petition, any procedural document.
  5. Consideration of the issue of pre-trial settlement also applies to the services of lawyers in Kharkiv.
  6. Negotiation.
  7. Representation of interests in court of any instance.
  8. Appeal of decisions.
  9. Assistance in the preparation of procedural documents, submission of counterclaims.

Do you need a lawyer in Kharkiv, the price of which will not be too high for a private person and the help of other specialists in the field of civil, criminal, corporate law? Contact us. Legale Solutions employs experts in all areas of law, arbitration managers. We will provide the necessary legal assistance to the plaintiff and the defendant, as well as, if you are accused in the case, the injured party.

Lawyer in Kharkiv. How to find him?

Lawyer requirements:

  • competent;
  • experienced;
  • real tasks of won cases.

Fill out a short form on the site if you want to receive high-quality lawyer services. Kharkiv has been cooperating with our team of lawyers and lawyers since 2014. 8 years of real solution of the most complex problems. Over 15 years experience as a lawyer! With us, clients from Kharkiv come out as winners in any situation! We have well-developed schemes and algorithms for effective interaction with government agencies. We quickly resolve issues that take others weeks to resolve.

Lawyer fees

Only certain services of a lawyer are paid at a fixed rate. For many, the principle of payment is time-based. Some actions are included in the total amount:

  • departure of a lawyer to court;
  • participation in interrogations, seizures, meetings;
  • analysis of the situation and selection of optimal solutions;
  • preparation of procedural documents.

To provide detailed information about the price list, we need to learn more about the circumstances of the case, study it in detail. This can be done remotely, personal presence at the first stage is not necessary. We save time - the most valuable resource of our clients.

Professional services of the lawyer in Kharkiv

The reasons why with us you can decide in your favor any, the most complex and confusing case from a legal point of view:

  1. We work for results. There are no hopeless cases. In legislation, there is always an opportunity to reduce the negative consequences, being within the legal field. Let's find the right way out together. You will get a complete and intelligible understanding of the situation.
  2. Affordable prices for services can be paid in installments. We keep our prices at a lower level than our competitors.
  3. In our work we adhere to the principle of an individual approach to each client, protection is built according to a special strategy, in the development of which our most experienced specialists participate.
  4. Efficiency. In urgent situations, the lawyer immediately goes for the right place, the procedural deadlines are always taken into account.

Find the lawyer in Kharkiv

Contact us and get legal assistance in any situation.

The procedure for working with Legal Solutions is as follows:

  • conclusion of an agreement on the provision of legal assistance;
  • obtaining detailed information about the circumstances;
  • problem analysis;
  • familiarity with the materials of the case;
  • collection of evidence;
  • development of a protection strategy;
  • representation of interests at meetings;
  • getting the desired result.

Here are the reasons why they want to receive lawyer services in Kharkiv from us:

  • We work only in the legal area.
  • We will come to the rescue as soon as the client needs it, including with a visit to the scene, search, seizure, etc.
  • We guarantee complete security of trade secrets and personal data of customers, which is necessarily prescribed in the transaction.

Got into a predicament? Let the contacts of a reliable law firm always be in your notices, and you will soon find a way out! Do not rely only on yourself. There are many complexities in the law that are important to interpret correctly. It's hard for a non-lawyer to do this. Trust the professionals in Kharkiv, who have successfully handled 600+ cases of varying degrees of complexity.

If you need help in a criminal or civil case, during a dispute with contractors, it's time to order a lawyer in Kharkiv.


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