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bankruptcy of physical persons

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Under the provisions of legislation in force currently in liquidation, a just Law of Ukraine "On Restoring Debtor's Solvency or Declaring it Bankrupt" (hereinafter - the Law), the subjects of crash can not only be legal entities but also individuals, registered in accordance with the law as entrepreneurs.

It should be noted that in the case of real impossibility to fulfill financial obligations an individual entrepreneur, logical and lawful means legal settlement between the debtor and its creditors have recourse to bankruptcy proceedings, including his own statement of the debtor.

Elimination Service FL-P "under the law" is a:

Analysis of all documents related to the business activities of the individual;
Preparation and submission of an application o bankruptcy court and full conducting business o bankruptcy FO-P in court to complete, as well as for all other activities in the liquidation procedure (opening a bank account, consideration of creditor claims, the identification and realization of property assets, repayment requirements, suspension of the liquidation procedure and submission arbitration administrator).


  • long experience in the production of the bankruptcy of both physical and legal persons;
  • Interaction with all state bodies and institutions within the proceedings of crash;
  • Efficiency of the procedure with minimal cost to the customer;
  • Maximum protection of rights and interests of clients.

Who and why is this service?

Service to eliminate FO-P through proceedings in bankruptcy is for individuals - business entities that are designed to get rid of debts with minimum losses for themselves.
The most optimal way from obligations, including credit - debt repayment as part of the proceedings in the bankruptcy case. Nowadays proceedings in the bankruptcy and liquidation of the entity is often used in practice.

All actions carried liquidator liquidation procedure - arbitration administrator. That the qualifications and experience of the latter depends on the quality of service and speed of the liquidation procedure. Our company has experienced arbitration managers who meet all the requirements established by law and ensure the quality of services provided.

The process of liquidation of individual entrepreneurs consists of the following stages:

  • Prepare and submit to the court proceedings in the bankruptcy of the debtor;
  • Infringement proceedings, appointment of liquidator by the court;
  • Conducting arbitration administrator - liquidator steps in the process of disposal of assets and liquidation procedures (open a special bank account the claims of creditors of the bankrupt, the identification of assets, creation of liquidation estate of the bankrupt, the realization of assets and debt);
  • Preparation and submission of the liquidator progress report to the court as the final stage of bankruptcy PL-P.;

It should be noted that the frequent recourse is potential creditors from unreasonable demands, leading to an increase in accounts payable and, consequently, to repay the debt, which does not actually exist. Our experts provide a full and comprehensive review of all claims of creditors, prepare an explanation and denial and do not allow the recognition of the illegal demands.

The importance of the liquidation procedure is bankrupt separation of property that can be realized from the fact that by law can not be included in the bankruptcy estate. Through the formation process of the liquidation of mass and selling property, our trustee in bankruptcy will provide maximum account the client's interests without going beyond with the law.

Thus, the success of the liquidation procedure depends on the trustee. Appealing for help in our company, you are guaranteed to get quality service to conduct the liquidation procedure.

You have to do?

  • This list is not exhaustive documents, reviewed by a personal meeting with a client.
  • After bankruptcy, a person totally exempt from all debts except support payments and other personal commitments.

This list of documents is not exhaustive, it is reviewed during a personal meeting with a client.

Having a bankruptcy procedure, an individual is completely free of all debts, except for alimony and other obligations of a personal nature.

The algorithm of actions

  1. Address to our company for service.
  2. Meeting with the company, to ascertain the circumstances of the case, determine its level of difficulty.
  3. A contract for services and exercise subscription.
  4. Preparation of the application for bankruptcy, the formation of a full package of necessary documents.
  5. Submission of an application to the court, the liquidation procedure, the appointment of a liquidator.
  6. Implementation of measures to eliminate FL-P: opening a special bank account the claims of creditors of the bankrupt, the identification of assets, creation of liquidation estate of the bankrupt, sale of assets and the satisfaction of creditors.
  7. Formation report and document the results of the liquidation procedure and submit them to the court.
  8. Approval of the court report.
  9. Conduct full payment for services rendered


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