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Bankruptcy of private persons

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The legal framework and a number of by-laws of Ukraine defines and strictly regulates the bankruptcy of legal entities. Compliance with such an order is required for each of the participants in the judicial process. Only true experts will be able to help you in the case of carrying out any type of bankruptcy of the enterprise in accordance with the basic legal requirements.

That includes service on the bankruptcy of the enterprise?

Any failure of existing legal entities consists of several stages:

  • Preparatory: the accumulation of a complete information base and the signing of the contract;
  • The trial itself;
  • The announcement of the decision on liquidation and bankruptcy court.

The bankruptcy of enterprises designed for businesses that want to get rid of the loan burden either promptly cease business operations with minimal disruption.

What is the procedure of bankruptcy?

At present, the considerable economic difficulties and lack of support from the government make running your own business unprofitable occupation. And to repay the loan in such circumstances is virtually impossible. The proposed procedure is bankrupt company ads allow you to reboot their businesses, get rid of the accumulated debts and liabilities. That is why the liquidation of legal entities is very popular today, as evidenced by the daily practice of commercial courts.

The company's filing for bankruptcy much depends on the appointment of the liquidation commission. Its main task - to identify the debtor's assets and, thus, loan repayment requirements. The liquidator shall make an inventory of all assets and passive bankrupt, to conduct a search of the property, which is not available, ensure the safety of the existing property, but also require receivables.

The main stage of the liquidation procedure - sale of the property. It must comply with all legal requirements, as the slightest mistake can lead to the recognition of the transaction invalid. Our professionals have extensive experience in the sale of property through direct contracts, as well as auctions, allowing the client to get the desired result within the prescribed period. The duration of the liquidation procedure may not exceed 12 months.

What documents are required from the customer at the company's bankruptcy?

Customer must provide a complete package of documents on the basis of which it is possible to draw a conclusion about the state of its assets, to establish a form of ownership of the enterprise. Also, it should provide: all contract companies, acts inventory commissions, statutory documents, personal files of employees and other securities. On how full of technical information provided depends on the efficiency of activities in the procedure of bankruptcy of a legal entity.

Why should you seek help from our company?

Our company provides the following services in this area:

  • Appoint an arbitration manager in a bankruptcy case at any stage;
  • Represents the interests of creditors in the case of preparation and submission of claims to the court, representation of interests in it, get acquainted with the case, writing complaints against the arbitration manager, etc;
  • Prepare and draw up any legal documents.

Algorithm enterprise bankruptcy Ukraine:

  • to request to the company;
  • to come to an appointment with a specialist;
  • analyze the situation, determine its complexity;
  • execute the contract with the company and to carry out an advance payment;
  • write the application and prepare a package of documents for submission to the court;
  • arrange for the identification, assessment and recognition of property of an enterprise bankrupt;
  • consider creditors' claims;
  • realize the assets included in the liquidation process;
  • prepare and submit the file documents;
  • to generate a report on the work carried out and its results;
  • make final settlement with the company.


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