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Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, UK, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Seychelles, Belize and etc.

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Collecting debts

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What is a service?

  • The need to find data on the financial status of the debtor, a clear analysis of the documents that confirm the presence of debt, finding her involvement in the debtor;
  • The gradual return of the debt, which consists of negotiations, work with claims, informative impact on the debtor, and, if necessary, to attract public and law enforcement agencies.

Why us?

  • Experts of our company is not the first to successfully defend the interests of each party to the dispute, as in the pre-trial and in court.
  • Only the worthy support of your business lawyers who are ready to offer our company, help, how to verify the integrity and loyalty of potential debtor and competently carry out the return of the existing receivables.

For whom and why this service?

Generally, the need for recovery of receivables becomes relevant because of the financial problems of a company or non-compliance with terms of the contract.

Accounts receivable

Accounts receivable - a combination of debt held by the organization of the physical or legal person at the expense of relations of economic nature.

In the period of debt payment, it is divided into a long-term (pending payment more than one year) and short-term (pending payment less than one year). Accounts receivable are divided into normal and overdue. Normal call:

  • the presence of advance payments to the supplier;
  • money issued by the report;
  • performed but not paid for services (goods).

Arrears formed when one of the parties does not comply with the rules contained in the agreement without paying for the services received, or products at the appropriate time. It is bad and doubtful.

Bad debt - a debt that is impossible to collect. It is formed by the impracticability of opening enforcement proceedings, or after the statute of limitations came out.

The debt can be called hopeless conditions at:

  • funds of the debtor are in the bank, which is declared bankrupt, and his finances are not enough to cover the debt;
  • the period of limitation;
  • bankruptcy or liquidation of the debtor;
  • lack of property of the debtor;
  • there is no way to locate the debtor.

Doubtful debt - is any debt to the company, which is formed after the provision of services, fulfillment of works or the sale of products, where the amount is not paid in a certain period of time and there is no software using bank guarantees guarantor or collateral.

Necessary documents and information from the client

Initially require agreement on the basis of which has been carried out the delivery or services, consumables overhead or acts of reception and transmission, the documents confirming the fact of partial payment - an extract from the banking institution for your account, indicating that the credit transfer (advance payment or partial payment for the goods or services ) or confirm that the money has not been credited, the correspondence between the parties.

Our lawyers will prepare a claim, the claim (the plaintiff is entitled, in addition to principal claim for the recovery from the debtor's fines. This is a 3% annual inflation rate, penalties, fines). Our experts can assist in obtaining a court decision and help him to perform. We are working with the Ukrainian and foreign companies on the territory of Ukraine.

Work algorithm

We use methods that guarantee the return of such debts.

Pretrial debt collection.

The main focus of our company in the algorithm of work put on the pre-trial and out of court fines. One correct legal claim on settlements and negotiations with the debtor on the original stage, it may be enough to ensure that he began to make payments. If there is a chance to find a compromise with the debtor of the debt restructuring, or partial payment, and a similar version approved by the lender, then it is the best way to recover in the shortest time.

During the preparatory phase, we develop a script to collect overdue debts (made legal analysis of documents, analysis of the legal status of the debtor's estate turns his assets).

Pre-judicial return of receivables includes the following steps:

  • Agreement on compensation;
  • Innovation commitments;
  • Set off similar claims;
  • Factoring - in other words, the debt sale.

When negotiations with the debtor did not give the desired result or situation, it is clear that the most appropriate way of debt collection - trial, we start collecting the debt through the courts.

Debt collection through court

The success of the process in court to recover the debt secured with proper preparation of the claim for recovery of debt. The claim shall be made in accordance with the rules of substantive and procedural law. When proceedings have the possibility of repayment by the settlement agreement of the parties.

Return receivables through the court includes the following steps:

  • Preparation of the statement of claim;
  • Calculation of the amount of fines, inflationary costs for the entire period of the debt (excluding principal payments) and court costs;
  • Participation of our lawyers in court proceedings;
  • Full legal support of the case for trial.

The lawyers of our company promises quality and timely recovery of any, even the bad debts. With us you are sure to return the debt in full will receive interest for the use of borrowed money and reimburse court costs!

Debt collection - a very time-consuming and laborious work. By contacting us you will receive high-quality support, confidentiality, an experienced professional approach.

Additional services:

  • Maintenance procedures of forced execution of a judgment for the recovery of accounts receivable, which is working with the state executive service.
  • Writing statements to law enforcement agencies for the execution of a judgment for the recovery of debt.
  • Write-off of uncollectible accounts receivable and other accounting services when working with accounts receivable.


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