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Registration of organization of employers

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Employers' organizations are considered to be non-profit public organizations whose members are employers - enterprises or individuals - entrepreneurs.

Such associations are created to protect the rights and interests of individuals who use hired labor in the social, economic, labor spheres, in particular, in relations with other parties to social dialogue. The main tasks of such formations are resolving collective disputes, increasing the productivity of work, creating new jobs, etc.

Organizations carry out activities through contributions from their members. In addition, public associations of employers can create legal entities and engage in business activities to achieve their goals.

Registration and functioning of formations and their unions are governed by the relevant law on employers' organizations. Associations may have the status of all-Ukrainian, local, republican, regional.


The founders, the participants of the organization are the employers themselves. The decision on its opening is made during the constituent assembly, the results of which draw up a protocol with a list of participants. In addition, the charter is approved, elections are held for governing bodies, etc.

The necessary list of documents is submitted to the registration service of the Ministry of Justice, registration is carried out within 15 working days from this moment. Despite the fact that the organization of employers is a type of public organization, the registration deadlines for them are different for legislation (for a public formation - 7 days). State registration provides for the payment of a fee in the amount that is established for the opening of a legal entity.

If the submitted documents do not meet the requirements of the laws, the registration authority has the right to send comments and suggestions on how to eliminate them to the applicant within 7 business days. In the event that these deficiencies are not corrected within 10 days (of the workers), the documents will remain unexamined.

If you want to register an organization of employers without paperwork and lengthy procedures - contact Legal Solutions. We will help you arrange all the documents correctly and your formation will be able to begin work in the near future.


  • Charter in two copies.
  • Filled registration card.
  • Minutes of the meeting at which the decision was made to open the organization.
  • Register of participants of the constituent assembly.
  • Receipt of payment of the registration fee.

If an association is created, an appropriate decision of the founders and a copy of the extract from the Unified Register with the signature of the authorized person are necessary.


  • Exhaustive advice on all issues.
  • Collection and preparation of documents.
  • Registration of an organization or association, registration with the necessary authorities and funds.

In addition, at the request of the client, we will help to register the organization’s symbols.


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