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Registration of youth organization

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To create and register a youth organization you need to pay attention to the following components:

  1. We advise on any matters relating to the registration and work of a youth organization;
  2. Developing documentation to register an organization;
  3. We accompany during notarization of documents;
  4. Formation in the State Fiscal Service and Statistics Department;
  5. We get Extracts from the Unified State Register;
  6. We receive statements from the United State. the register of firms and organizations of Ukraine in the Office of Statistics (if necessary);
  7. We accompany you in the process, when you need to get a status, that this is a non-profit organization, and it is entered into a specific Registry;
  8. We make seals;
  9. Free delivery;
  10. We advise on the future work of the organization;

Why choose us exactly?

Our legal company Legal Solutions has highly qualified specialists who have extensive experience in registering and working with youth organizations. We can offer you our assistance in registering your organization at all times! We have a goal to facilitate your task, as well as reduce the time for the entire process of work and increase it on the activities of the youth organization!

Youth public organizations unite persons aged from 14 to 35 years. It is created in order to protect and satisfy the economic, social, creative, religious interests of all its members.

Juvenile societies direct the energy and enthusiasm of young people and youth. They are able to help the development and skills of young people in different directions from sports interests to social activity.

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Many people are interested in creating youth organizations in Ukraine in order to enforce their rights, to obtain satisfaction from creative and social undertakings. If it will be interested people in age. If it represents 14-35 years, then such a society would be called youthful. If citizens aged 6–18 years are concentrated in it, this organization will have children's status.

In Ukraine, youth organizations have the status of public and non-profitable, so registration occurs in the usual way, common to any organization or society. The name of the organization must have a certain status that distinguishes it from others. The first part is, of course, “youthful society”, and the second is an individual name.

Registration of a youth organization in Ukraine can only be done by an individual. The founders make all decisions on the merger. To do this, make a meeting. The decisions that were made during it fit into the protocol.

 In the protocol designate:

  • 1) date and place where the meeting of founders is held;
  • 2) persons involved;
  • 3) the decision on the formation of the association, indicate the goals of the organization;
  • 4) the decision on the name of the company (including the abbreviated name);
  • 5) the decision on the approval of the charter;
  • 6) decision on who will be the head and governing body;
  • 7) decision on the election of a representative of the company.

The founder of the youth organization according to the law for the youth and children’s creators of the organization can be:

  • 1) citizens of Ukraine,
  • 2) citizens living abroad
  • 3) persons who do not have citizenship.

The most important requirement for the above categories is that the initiator must be 14 years old and must have a certificate of legal capacity. It is necessary that there were at least 2 founders.


A photocopy of the passport document (all filled pages) and the identity code of the creators.


  • Photocopy of the passport document of the original (all filled pages) and identification code (if any);
  • If you do not have an identification code, then we can offer you our services in obtaining it.


  • 1) Name of the legal entity (In Ukrainian is obligatory; additional languages at your request);
  • 2) Location of the company;
  • 3) Telephone for communication with the legal entity;
  • 4) Main activities;
  • 5) Name of the executive body of the organization (for example, Director, General Director);

In fact, the entire registration procedure boils down to the most important action - entering the organization into the Unified State Register of Ukraine, which will allow you to freely and legally conduct activities to satisfy and protect the legitimate economic, social, spiritual, creative and other common interests of members of the youth organization.

Having turned to us for help today - you are guaranteed to receive the necessary permits in the shortest possible time!


  • 1) Inventory with a unique code, according to which, you can see your status, documents that were submitted to the state registrar, a copy of which can be downloaded;
  • 2) Company Charter;
  • 3) Protocol on the creation of a youth organization;
  • 4) Order on the appointment of a director;
  • 5) extract from the USR;
  • 6) Help with the management of statistics (if necessary);
  • 7) Seal of society;


  1. We receive an application from the client;
  2. We hold a personal meeting with the client and choose the best option for opening a youth organization;
  3. We get 50% prepayment;
  4. We help with the choice of the name of the organization (we check for relevance), we select the types of activities according to the classification of economic activities, if necessary we provide the legal address;
  5. On the basis of the documents and information provided, we develop all the necessary documents for the registration of a youth organization (power of attorney, charter, protocol, director appointing order, registration statement);
  6. We provide support for the signing of documents by a notary;
  7. We register the organization and put on record in all the necessary bodies;
  8. We make the seal;
  9. We transfer all documents and the seal to the client.
  10. We get 50% post payment for the procedure.


  • 1) Assistance in opening a bank account (includes extracts from the state registry, notarial expenses on certification of bank cards, a notarized copy of the charter) - 700 UAH.
  • 2) Registration of a separate division - 400 UAH.
  • 3) Providing a reliable legal address (not mass registration, postal and secretarial services, the possibility of organizing inspections) - 3000 UAH.
  • 4) Organization and maintenance of accounting (depending on the number of payments) - from 400 UAH.
  • 5) Registration of a trademark (does not include state duty, which depends on the type of TM) - 1500 UAH.


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