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Defence of intellectual property

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Protection of intellectual ownership rights - very meaningful and actual on current time of development of market relations aspect of legally-legal activity in Ukraine. Along with other types of property, intellectual property can be exposed to the illegal actions of extraneous persons. In this connection every owner of intellectual property must provide her defence. Analogical measures are needed to the author of intellectual property.

Our company renders the services based on by presentation of client-side, касаемо the protection of intellectual ownership rights in judicial and other bodies that on the basis of laws of Ukraine is provided with plenary powers in the protection of intellectual ownership rights.

What does this service consist of?

  • Taking part in negotiations that связанны with violation of rights on the objects of intellectual property;
  • Drafting of writing claim, касаемо violations of rights on the objects of intellectual property;
  • Drafting of answer for writing claim about possible violations of clients of rights on the objects of intellectual property;
  • Conclusions of expert on the objects of intellectual property;
  • Preparation to the judicial trials, presentation of client-side in judicial bodies in questions on the protection of intellectual ownership rights;
  • Presentation of client-side in the organs of judicial examination on the objects of intellectual property;
  • Presentation of client-side in State . to service of intellectual property of Ukraine, in his Appellate chamber, State enterprise the "Ukrainian institute of industrial property";
  • Presentation of client-side in Antimonopoly komіtet Ukraine on questions, related to the unfair competition in regard to the objects of intellectual property;
  • Presentation of client-side in Ukrainian gas transportation system of Ukraine in the questions related to suppression of illegal import, or export with violation of rights on the objects of intellectual property;
  • Other actions that is required for realization of all-round protection of intellectual ownership rights.

Why we?

In our company you will be able to get the highly skilled help of legal character, along with advising on questions of copyright, contiguous right, defence of copyright, trademarks and services, standards of industry. We are ready to render assistance at preparation and entering into authorial contracts, agreements on licenses, giving up of property rights, and also to render advising on tax questions.

Our specialists will conduct pre-trial defence of property and copyright, will take part in negotiations and signing of agreements that make warranty defence of clients, will present the side of author in a judicial body.

Defence of intellectual property

Defence of intellectual property is considered especially important part of success at the market and at the same time by the variant of encouragement of creative and innovative activity, sending activity to the increase of competitiveness.
Intellectual property is divided by two categories. Industrial property, composition of that makes up from inventions, brands, trademarks, addresses, geographical pointing. In the second category there is a copyright consisting of literary and artistic works, allied rights, in that rights for artists-performers are counted on implementation ah authorial work, producers of phonograms for their record, right for the aethereal broadcasting in radio and TV Shows.

In compliance with the legislation Ukraine any unproperty, property rights combine in itself the right of intellectual ownership. Data of right are regulated and determined volumes of such rights by normatively-legal acts, laws, CCU.

Becoming the possessor of documents on the guard of intellectual property, possibility to apply the developments and inventions appears, getting a financial profit from their realization.

Defence of intellectual property is a complex that consists of measures, involved at a failure to observe, or refutation of rights on intellectual property. In their number it is possible to add a measure on establishment and renewal of rights on intellectual property, fight against violations and application of penalty approvals to the violators. These measures are set by the Ukrainian legislation.

For realization of protection of the rights on intellectual property, it is originally needed to carry out confirmation of rights through documents, to conclude a licensed treaty, certificate, or patent on possession intellectual property.

That will be required from a client

For the removal of your problem from you it will be required to give all present documents. The package of documents depends on a concrete situation. He can consist of agreement of authorship, testifying to the right of ownership on trademarks and signs for services, patent on an invention and other.

Algorithm of actions

Legal support in judicial disagreements is produced in a complex form, with individual approach combines in itself the next stages:

  • creation of methods of decision of disagreements in the pre-trial order;
  • conclusion of world treaty during a judicial trial;
  • taking part in negotiations with competitors, drafting of evidential base, development of judicial tactics;
  • being in judicial trials;
  • drafting of methods of challenging of verdicts of judicial body;
  • accompaniment during executions of decisions of court;
  • application of all methods and measures in order that the aim of client was attained with disagreements.
The task of our company consists of that, in time to render services and provide by it clients by literate legal support. Thus a lawyer can carry out defence of client not only in case of occurring of situation but also scienter to protect the client from the sad consequences of some actions. Only a specialist will be able professional to explain to you, what rights you have, in detail will investigate the got documents and will work out the effective plan of actions for every case.

Additional services

  • Creation, legal audit and accompaniment of process on entering into contracts in area of intellectual property, agreements on giving up of rights, agreements of authorship, licensed,. Franchised;
  • Advising in the questions of inpayment and taxation of royalty, international operations;
  • Advising in the questions of defence of interests of personnel and employers, regards a right to intellectual property, produced as a result of labour relations;
  • Advising and assistance in the field of defence of commercial secret, defence of business reputation of legal entity.


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