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Law firm "Legal Solutions" is engaged in the provision of services in the form of legal protection in cases with regards to administrative issues. If you have formed administrative differences, please refer to our lawyers.

Why should you choose us?

For legal advice, based on the practice comes in cases where for administrative violations involved individuals to administrative responsibility. In most cases, treatment is already taking place at a time when the court decision was made, and there is a need to challenge the decision to prosecute.

This situation is due to the fact that many people who have got into this situation of administrative disputes, have no idea how long they become members of the administrative process and participate in it, did not know their rights.

Actions on legal matters with regards to administrative affairs in the company "Legal Solutions" starts with a claim to the illegal actions of employees of public bodies to their direct supervisor. In the future, we make a complaint or a claim to a specific judicial body to justice was restored and administrative decision abolished. Our assistance enables legitimate way to restore justice and expose the culprits punished for illegal encroachments.

About the service

In the category of administrative offenses include violations in the field of construction law, environmental rights, tax, as well as disorders that belong to the list of traffic, fire, sanitary-epidemiological, transport rules. If we talk about individuals, in most cases it is a violation of traffic rules, rules of public order. Legal persons are subject to violation of the safety requirements of tax laws. Responsibility for violations of an administrative nature is not as severe as in matters of criminal law, but at the same time it can cause negative effects. Legal entities may be subject to penalties impressive size or activities of the organization may be terminated, manager, officer or person may be deprived of his office or the possibility to perform business activities. Individuals may be subject to community service, fines or imprisonment for up to 14 days. In order to reduce the negative effects, if you are being unreasonable imposition of administrative violations, it is necessary to seek legal assistance from a professional lawyer. Lawyers of company "Legal Solutions" will make acquaintance with the case materials, with regards to administrative violations, will assess the prospects of this investigation, develop tactics and strategy of the administrative proceedings, to collect and forward to the judicial authorities require proof. In addition, if you need to, officials who made up the protocol, indicating the offense, together with the witnesses will be summoned to the court session. Our experts can detect procedural violations that were committed in the conduct of the case and provide them to the court to challenge the court's decision in higher courts, to implement client-side protection in all judicial proceedings. It is important to note that the customer can not be present in court. Our experts can challenge the decision on the imposition of administrative penalties.

Services of our company of Administration shall consist of:

  • Counseling with regards to administrative responsibility;
  • Representation of the client in courts and public authorities;
  • Implementation of protection of rights of persons who are subject to administrative liability;
  • Challenge the actions or lack of them by authorized persons who have the right to design procedural documentation with regards to bringing to administrative responsibility and making decisions on bringing to administrative responsibility in the courts and higher courts;
  • Preparation of procedural documents in cases of administrative offenses, recovery of costs;
  • A study on the presence or absence of an administrative nature of the offense;
  • The implementation of search experts, specialists and witnesses, required a list of questions for the examinations and tests;
  • Representation of the client in the performance of regulations with regards to cases of legal violations of administrative nature.

The algorithm of our company administrative differences:

  • Familiarity with the documents, which were drawn up on the basis of the case on administrative offense, score the prospects of doing business;
  • Develop a strategy and choice of behavior for the conduct of the case of a contravention of an administrative nature;
  • Implementation of the collection and provision of a judicial body of evidence with regards to the case of an administrative offense;
  • Call on the court hearing the representatives of the traffic police, the Interior Ministry and other government bodies, which engaged in design of the protocol on administrative offense;
  • Make a call, together with the interrogation of witnesses in the case of an administrative offense;
  • Identify and provide the court procedural violations that have been committed in the case of registration of the violation of an administrative nature;
  • Artwork prospecting ancillary evidence in the case, along with the subsequent granting of a judicial authority;
  • Appeal pronounced action against court decisions to higher authorities, with regards to the case on administrative offense;
  • Protecting the rights of the parties and the client in all legal proceedings, as in the presence of the client, and without it.
Documents which are received by the client - a court decision which has entered into force.


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