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Establishment and registration of subsidiary

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This service is available in any settlement on the territory of Ukraine.
The company "Legal Solutions" takes the leading position in the market of legal services. One of the main activities of our company is a corporate law, ie the registration of business entities of any organizational-legal form. Therefore, our company can provide you with quality services in registration of a specific legal form of organization as a subsidiary.

Ukrainian legislation does not contain a definition of a subsidiary, but it can be defined in the sense that, as a legal entity, created by the parent company through the transfer of a part of his property in full economic control. That is the specificity of the subsidiary is that it is the sole owner of another entity - parent company. Name of subsidiary should include also the name of the parent company.

In this service include:

  • Advising on any matters related to the establishment and registration of the subsidiary;
  • Development of all necessary to create a subsidiary documents;
  • Verification of the signatures of the owner under the charter of the company;
  • Support of the state registration procedure in the presentation and receipt of documents;
  • Presentation of the report to the tax office on the appointment of the director (head) of the Company;
  • Development of the layout (sketch) and the production of print;
  • Selection of the tax system (by arrangement).

Documents required for the creation of a subsidiary:

  • From the parent company of a resident:
    • Certificate / an extract from the USR;
    • Charter.
  • From the parent company's non-resident:
    • Notarized copy of the document confirming registration in the home country. This document must be translated into Ukrainian and legalized accordingly (legalization);
    • A document confirming the existence of authority of the person who will sign documents on behalf of the parent company.
  • Also, from an individual to be appointed to the post of director requires a copy of passport and identification code.

After the registration the Customer receives:

  • The list of documents submitted for state registration, containing the code of the public service, by which you can keep track of the fact of registration of the enterprise and print Charter and the extract from the Unified State Register;
  • The decision of the owner of the enterprise (parent company);
  • Charter of the company;
  • Order appointing the director (manager);
  • Statistics Help (by arrangement);
  • Printing Company.

The algorithm of the service:

  • Preparation of applications, orders from customers in the creation of a subsidiary;
  • Meeting with the client and providing advice;
  • Obtaining advance payment for the work;
  • If you want to search for a legal address (location)
  • Selection of activities according to NACE;
  • Development of the necessary documents;
  • The signing of the documents, including power of attorney for our representatives on the state registration;
  • Carrying out of registration and registration;
  • Print Production;
  • Transfer documents and package printing customers;
  • Preparation of calculating the remainder of the work performed.

Additional services that may be of interest to the Client:

  • Support opening a bank account;
  • Preparation of an individual tax identification number;
  • Registration on the selected tax system.


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