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Family dispute

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Family is basis of society, his least particle, whose atmosphere renders direct influence on prosperity of not only rising generation but also whole country. Force of family influences on constancy and moral of society on the whole. When family is created, there is registration of marriage, children give birth, the amount of rights and duties failure to observe of that and conduces to discord of family and quarrels rises for family members. In the case when such conflicts it is impossible to decide, a legal help is required.

That does plug in itself this service?

  • Dissolution of marriage;
  • Division of general property of the married couples;
  • Location of inhabitation and order of intermingling with a child (by children);
  • Challenging of paternity or maternity;
  • Penalty of alimonies;
  • Privation of paternal rights.

Why we?

  • Specialists of our company have considerable legal practical skill on the settlement of domestic disagreements, both in the pre-trial and in judicial order;
  • Complete representative office of Your interests in a court (except for the cases when Your participation is obligatory according to a law);
  • Maximally short spaces of decision of Your situation.

For whom and why these services?

In everyday life, one of the most frequent phenomena are an origin and permission of domestic spores. If you have problems on registration of divorce process, problems with the division of general property, by the penalty of alimonies on maintenance of children as a result of dissolution of marriage, what it is impossible independently to decide, a unique exit is an address to the specialists of our company, which will help to attain the desired results you.

Domestic dispute is the most frequent type of businesses. In our firm constantly help clients appeal for help with a question, regards a family law. In fact legal advice can may need for creation of family (for example, at the conclusion of marriage contract), in the process of domestic life (at a necessity foliating, adoption) and, certainly, after a decision-making that further domestic life is impossible (for the division of the jointly acquired property, location of inhabitation of child).

We will consider a few types of domestic spores more detailed.

  1. Divorce. This unpleasant procedure can come true in the judicial or extra-judicial order. In default of at the married couple of children, a divorce process is produced through a department registry OFFICE, if there are joint children, not достигнувшие of 18 years, dissolution of marriage can accomplish a court only.
  2. Property division. According to a law, all property that is made in marriage is divided between a husband and wife equally. However, in individual property someone there can be bonuses, valuables, amounts covered, especially personal things. At that rate, even if like property was made during marriage, it is not divided.
  3. Penalty of alimonies. Similar appeals are most frequent spore among domestic relations. Except the penalty of alimonies on children and/or other spouse, the Domestic code has points, where the rules of penalty of such payments are prescribed from adult children, sisters, grandmothers, brothers, stepmother, grand-dads, stepfathers etc. However, the presence of decreed does not yet guarantee his execution. Most unconscientious parents try to hide the profits in future not to take part in the material providing of child. Our specialists will help to nose after actions a state performer and to find affecting methods father/mother (up to laying an action).
  4. Privation of paternal rights. To deprive rights on a child, in particular, it maybe due to such terms, as: avoidance of paternal duties, alcoholism, legal cruelty with a child, permanent admissions of payments of alimonies, realization of criminal acts in regard to an own child. It should be noted that privation of paternal rights is the extreme measure of affecting one of parents, and courts she is applied very reluctantly. For effective realization of process, a highly skilled domestic lawyer that will be able to collect a maximally possible evidential base and convince the organ of guardianship and patronage may need, and main court in the necessity of acceptance of such hard measures.
  5. Establishing order of intermingling with a child. Parents must decide the questions of education and life of child on a mutual consent. However, when a situation between them is tense, consent to attain difficult. Legal advice will help to estimate the real variants and protect you and child from a superfluous judicial trial.

The indicated list of types of domestic spores is not exhaustive; every situation is individual and requires the special approach and analysis. The specialists of our company have huge experience in a decision, as standard domestic spores so difficult situations.

Necessary documents and information from a client:

The package of documents is determined after realization of meeting with you, analysis of Your situation and forming of strategy of decision of problem.

For an appeal in a court on the similar types of domestic spores it is needed to have at itself at least copy of passports, identification numbers of married couples, copy of birth certificate child (children), original of marriage lines etc.

Algorithm of work

  • Skilled verbal or writing consultation;
  • Detailed research of situation, judicial practice on this category of spores with the purpose of electing of the best method of settlement of domestic conflict;
  • Writing of letters, statements, solicitors for the pre-trial settlement of dispute;
  • Preparation of point (appellate and appeal complaint) of claim, meeting point of claim, all judicial documents in a court;
  • Defence of interests in domestic спорах in the courts of all instances;
  • Accompaniment of procedure of execution of court decision.
The task of our specialists is celled in that, in time to render services, and to guarantee the help of legal character and defense of the client and his family members. Thus a lawyer possesses possibility not only to present and carry out defense of interests in case of occurring of necessity but also scienter to protect a client from the unpleasant consequences of some thoughtless acts.

Additional services

  • advising before acquisition/by the sale of property;
  • accompaniment of celebration of marriage between the citizens of Ukraine and citizens of another countries;
  • drafting of marriage agreement;
  • drafting of warrants on a right to boss, testaments, agreements of giving.
  • Additional services:
  • translating of documents;
  • legalization and apostille documents;
  • a receipt of visa for celebration of marriage.


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