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Housing disputes

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

There is nothing surprising in that housing disputes are most actual in the field of civil cases at judicial trials. Often, at the independent actions sent to the search of exit from the folded situation, we spend priceless time for that it was already possible to decide this question. An illiterate sluggish relation only complicates a sharp civil legal conflict and without that. Judicial housing disputes are a not simple task, and to manage with her preparation and knowledge of great number of questions are needed.

Of what service consists:

  • Realization of literate legal support;
  • Housing judicial споры and decision of questions on their conduct;
  • The Skilled help of legal character during realization of transactions with the real estate;
  • Help in permission of different housing spores at judicial trials.

Why it is needed to choose exactly us

Because, disputes of housing character are the especially well-regulated category of businesses, the protection of the rights without cognitions of legal questions will be very difficult. Moreover, similar businesses decide the fate of your dwelling. Appealing to us, you will get the representative office of your side in a court. Our lawyers will attach all knowledge and experience in order that your business made off success, and expenses were minimum, both in a financial and in temporal plan.

Services that we give in the field of housing legal relationships:

  • The Free advising, detailed analysis of your situation, exposure of the most suitable to you variant in an order to decide housing disagreements;
  • Representative Office of your side in a court at pre-trial preparation of business;
  • Filing bills, claims, solicitors and other queries in a court, organs state . authorities and other instances;
  • Assistance at imposition of arrest on property (if needed);
  • Assistance in collection and preparation of all required documents, along with their literate registration;
  • Appeal of rights on the real estate, confession of privatizing, or bargains and sale invalid;
  • Appeal of rights on disposing of property, privation of right for the use;
  • Dissolution of lease, assistance in judicial trials, касаемо questions about a force striking off the registration register of citizens from dwellings objects;
  • Indemnification of damage of the apartment got from the illegal use;
  • Penalty of debt by agreement of lease of accommodation;
  • Defence of client-side, that appealed after a legal help in all instances, on any stage of judicial trial;
  • Representative Office of client-side on questions of inheritance of the real estate.

Described types of services, it is not all spectrum of our possibilities. All depends on the circumstances of business and the list of services can be megascopic. Therefore, appealing to our company after the complete conduct of dwelling dispute, these and another services will appear our lawyers.


In dwellings спорах Client can be as a suffering side so side of that produce other persons to claim.

Algorithm of actions of legal company "Legal Solutions" on the protection of Your broken inherited rights:

  1. Advising of client on all questions housing right;
  2. A help to Client is in determination of order of actions;
  3. Preparation of necessary documents;
  4. Judicial defence (including an appellate and appeal judicial instance).
  5. Representative office of interests at execution of court decision.

That will get client after the grant of services:

  • Decreet entering into legal force, that restores Your housing rights fully.
  • Additional services to Clients.
  • Registration of right of ownership on the real estate.


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