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Change of the name of enterprise

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Must you change the name of Your organization or company? We operatively will help you on this business!

The name is used for a difference between subjects. He has two values: the first serves for a difference to Your organization from other and the commercial name. Last it is possible to attribute to the legal objects of property and on him ownership rights come true.

A right on the name in most cases is named the personal unproperty right for a legal entity, id est him it is impossible to rescind and pass in the use to other persons. Changing of the name of organization is also counted in this list. On that ground a law determines a fact, that all changes in the name are under an obligation to pass registration in the force order.

This service is given by us in a complex and necessarily includes:

  • Free consultation, that will help to understand you, how to change the name of firm quickly and without problems;
  • Preparation of all necessary documents;
  • Notarial accompaniment of signing of regulation documents;
  • Actions related to registration in all instances;
  • Making of the new printing

Why we?

  • Specialists of legal company "Legal Solution" effectively work with different government services, therefore errors and tightening of time are eliminated in our work;
  • You can be sure that legal safety of your business is in the hands of professionals;
  • You will be surprised by our prices. Changing of the name of LTD. is fully accessible procedure;
  • Our qualification is difficult and non-standard businesses;
  • We can offer to you services of experience and skilled specialists, and also a maximum of our attention;
  • We will Find an exit from any litigions situation.

Changing of the name of firm : about service

Registration of changing of the name of enterprise is obligatory procedure. So, the Civil code orders to place announcing it in MASS-MEDIA, and also to report to all subjects in relation to that an enterprise has obligations.

In addition, there is a list of terms that must be observed, if you choose or change the name of firm :

  • In the name it is necessary necessarily to include the companies and directly name given about a legal form.
  • the Name can include information about: aim, type of activity, method of creation.
  • must not be the same, as the name of other legal entity.
  • the use of the brief or complete names of any public organs or local government bodies, historical state names the list of that is determined by a government, is Forbidden.
  • Firms have a right to specify in the name the names of physical persons, pseudonyms, festive dates, anniversaries, historical events.
  • it is the Name LTD., propulsion MODULE or other economic society can not specify on belonging of him to the corresponding ministries, other executive branches.
  • the Legal entity has a right to choose not only the complete name but also brief, and also freely to use both.
  • there Are also certain rules of drafting of the company name. In writing of the name of enterprise use both the letters of the Ukrainian alphabet and the Roman alphabet (if the name is written yet and in English language); Arabic and Roman numerals.
  • it is Possible to apply: quotation marks, point, colon, comma, question-mark, hyphen, brackets, exclamation mark, plus, sequence number, equal sign, asterisk this commercial (@), apostrophe, slanting line, dash.
  • Other symbols, except the indicated punctuation in the name of subject of management marks, using is shut out.
  • it is Order of writing of the name : a legal form registers at first, after the self name that undertakes in quotation marks. For example, LTD. "Frigate".

Changing of the name of enterprise : advantages and features

It is very important to understand that this procedure is strictly regulated, passing of every stage is considered therefore a necessity. But because she does not have some specific differences, then her can conduct persons, that is not acquainted with legal rules.

The workers of tax inspection conduct verification of enterprise that decided to change the name not always. But, you are necessary however to be ready to it.

How to change the name LTD. : in detail about service

In the name of complete society it is needed to specify all people that are his founders. Thus also such words are necessarily used as: complete society or name of one or a few participants word "company".

Accordingly in the name of коммандитного society all his participants, and also word, are also specified "коммандитное society" (or the name of even one participant and word "company"). Thus, if there is already the name of basic or only depositor in the name of society, then the last will be considered the complete participant of such society.

The change of the name of LTD. (Propulsion MODULE ) can plug in itself some original name, name, geographical place.

Such names, as insurer, insurance company, and derivatives from them can use those юр persons that got a corresponding license for realization of similar activity only.

How to change the name of firm independent?

Procedure of changing of the name is difficult enough and labour intensive, because it is necessary to change almost all documents, including printing. It occupies set time, especially changing of constituent documents.

How is it possible to conduct procedure independently?

  • Prepare protocol a decision to change the company name is described in that. It is conducted in the process of collection of all founders;
  • Work out new regulation documents that will have to be notarial notarized;
  • Pay collections and duties that is envisaged by the state;
  • Register all conducted changes in administration of district;
  • Publish a decision about changing in MASS-MEDIA, and also tell about it to the partners;
  • Renew a certificate in Tax service;
  • Register a change in Management of statistics, where a new certificate will be given out you;
  • Create the new printing (with elimination old).

Except notification of state recorder and bringing of necessary changes, it is important to remember about partners and contractors. Them it is too necessary to alert to the changes. First of all, bank, where you opened the clearing account, in future to avoid problems in-process. Necessarily will renew agreements with partners. As a rule, it takes place as registration of appendixes to the agreements. A new agreement can simply sign.

A change of the company name with the specialists of company "Legal Solution" is rapid procedure.

Change of the name of organization, necessary documents:

  • Statement on changing of the name (we prepare);
  • Notes of the general meeting (it is possible to replace the decision of owner to change the name), we Prepare;
  • New release of charter (two copies) or change in a charter (we prepare), signature of participants of collection notarized notarial;
  • threading release of charter;
  • Documents, confirmative plenary powers of the trusted person

Information required from the client:

  • Code and name of the company;
  • The new name of the company;
  • The certificate, which confirms the fact that the registration of VAT payer or single tax was successful;
  • Registry of the General Meeting of participants.

Upon completion of registration, you will receive:

  • The amended statute;
  • Protocol about the change of name of the company;
  • New printing.
It is important to remember that the change of legal name. Individuals can pull a change of constituent documents, stamps and other documents.

Work algorithm:

  • We receive applications from the client;
  • We specify all the details of the task;
  • Get 50% deposit;
  • On the basis of the submitted documents and information are developing all the necessary documents to replace the name of the company;
  • We perform the change of the name and notify about it all the organs;
  • We send all the documents to the client.
  • Get 50% payment for the post held procedure.


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