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Land law

The landed spores are the widespread phenomenon that for the achievement of necessary results requires of interference highly skilled and main possessing experience professionals. Without land surveyors and specialists of the landed right to obtain the rightness in a cadaster area difficultly, it is needed to pay attention to large number of legislative acts on landed questions (53 laws and over 500 executive acts) and cases of their use, that depend even on the region of your area.

The specialists of our company possess huge effective experience in the settlement of the landed disagreements of any complication. We constantly co-operate with state. by organs and establishments (Government service of Ukraine on questions of geodesy, cartography and cadaster and her territorial subdivisions, State inspection of agriculture of Ukraine, departments of the landed resources of state administrations of and other), without whom it is impossible the organs of local self-government to decide the easiest question of cadaster character even.

What does this service consist of?

List of the services given by the employees of our company:

  • Disagreements about the borders of plots of land;
  • Disagreements about the decision of right of ownership on earth, acceptance of right for the permanent use by the plot of land;
  • Disagreements about challenging rejection of the free privatizing of lot land;
  • Disagreements about confession illegal transactions the article of that is lot land;
  • Disagreements about challenging of actions (inaction) of public organs;
  • Disagreements about prevention of limitations in the use by the plot of land;
  • Disagreements about the withdrawal of lot land from extraneous illegal possession;
  • List of the services offered by us not final.

Why we?

In the number of our workers there are only experience advocates and lawyers, professionals in adjusting of any type of legal relationships, relating to earth. The specialists of our company constantly co-operate with public authorities and establishments, and also by the executive branches of local self-government, that allows in 99 % situations to get a positive result.

We will be able in detail to analyze Your concrete situation and give to you practical advices касаемо further actions. On the stage of judicial consideration of the landed spores doing without an advocate on landed questions is impossible, as this part of businesses is most difficult and she must spare enhance able attention.

Principal item

The main founding for the landed trials it is been considered:

  • Only approximately 4% land being situated under industrial enterprises is registered on the norms of the Ukrainian law;
  • State landed cadaster in Ukraine only began to be formed, due to it frequently crossing of borders of the landed possessions appear and then are witness disputes.
    are the Frequent situations, when a capture of lot land is raiders;
  • Public organs take off the decisions, that give an occasion to doubt in rights for possession earth;
  • Not with reason large sums are formed for payment of lot land, penalty approvals and other sums;

Most widespread types of spores:

  • the Illegal use of plot of land;
  • Withdrawal from extraneous illegal possession;
  • Registration;
  • Purchase or alienation of lot lands;
  • Lease or sublease of lot lands;
  • Decision about illegality of verdict of public of the landed resources authorities and other.

List of organs possessing a right for the settlement of questions, regards to lot lands, described in the article 158 of the Landed code of Ukraine, also, to them it is possible to take:

  • courts;
  • organs of local self-government;
  • it is a central executive body executing a public policy in the field of the landed relations.

Only a court possesses a right on the settlement of disagreements on cadaster questions, regards to property, order, use of plots of land, that counted in property at physical, or legal persons, and also spores about the division of borders of settlements, regions and districts.

The organs of local self-government engage in the landed questions on territory of settlements, regards to the borders of areas earth that are in property and use of physical persons, executions by the citizens of neighborliness, along with disputes on the division of borders of districts in cities.

A central executive body executing politics of the state in the segment of the landed relations engages in landed regarding the borders of areas earth that are outside a settlement, location of prohibitions, in the use of earth.

If the proprietors of lot lands are displeased at the verdict of organ of local self-government, central executive body executing a public policy, regards to the landed relations, then similar disputes decide through a court. From it is possible to come to the conclusion, that a court manages all спорами, regards to the landed resources, and the organs of local self-government and executive bodies have a right on execution only separate their kinds.

What documents and information will be required from a client?

The first step for the decision of Your problem is a visit for help to us and exposition of all circumstances of business together with all present documentation (certificates, statements, decisions, orders, agreements, extracts of and other are documents).

Algorithm of work:

  • The Legal analysis of the landed question;
  • Decision of possible variants of decision of the landed dispute;
  • Presentation of client-side on the pre-trial stage of decision of the landed dispute;
  • Preparation of complaints, solicitors, different sort of queries;
  • Writing of points of claim and other judicial documents for an appeal in a court;
  • Presentation of client-side in the courts of any instances at the removal of the landed spores.

Chip (advantage)

We conduct the detailed research of situation and offer variants that will help in the decision of problem: removal of disagreements in the pre-trial order, going of documents to the court, visit in the specialized organs or other variants coming from a concrete situation. What completer package of documents you give, the problem decides more operatively. The professionals of our company will help to decide a dispute you as in the contractual order so in absolutely all enumerated organs and establishments maximally operatively and without superfluous problems.

Additional services:

  • Help on the stage of executive production;
  • Receipt of extracts, other official records;
  • Normatively-money and expert estimation of lot lands.


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