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We also work in the following countries:

Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, UK, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Seychelles, Belize and etc.

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Lawyer in Dnipro

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How often do people in everyday life encounter problems that have a legal connotation? And how many problems and disagreements lie in wait for representatives of small, medium and large businesses in the implementation of economic activities?

In most cases, both an individual and a legal entity require qualified legal assistance. And where can you find a good specialist who will really help protect your rights and solve any problem?

You have come to the right address. The legal company Legal Solutions offers legal services in Dnipro from leading experts in the field of jurisprudence with successful, many years of experience and perfect knowledge of the legal field of Ukraine.

The geography of our activities: Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv, Rivne, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine. If you need the help of a lawyer in Dnipro in civil, administrative, economic. immigration, international or criminal law, contact us in any convenient way.

Lawyer in Dnipro

Lawyer from the Dnipro: what can we offer clients?

Today, the services of a lawyer are not an excess and not a luxury, but the need to solve legal problems. The "Legal Solutions" company offers the services of lawyers in Dnipro, who are specialists and professionals. More than 10 years of practice of a team of talented lawyers allows us to solve problems of any complexity that arise for individuals and legal entities.

Today, the title of a lawyer is being raised and strengthened. Now only a person who has a certificate of the right to engage in advocacy can represent the interests of clients before state bodies and in courts.

If you are faced with a problem that requires the immediate intervention of a specialist and you enter “I am looking for a lawyer in Dnipro” in the search box for some time, you can safely stop searching, because you are on the right track. And so that you are finally convinced of this, we will tell you about our proposals and key areas of activity.

Lawyer services in Dnipro for individuals

Most of our clients are representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, but at the same time we do not forget about our citizens and are ready to offer the following legal services:

  1. Disputes of a civil law nature (family legal relations, housing issues, property rights, inheritance disputes, contractual obligations, etc.).
  2. Migration services (registration of a residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship, obtaining documents - immigration permits, employment, representation of interests before the competent state authorities, obtaining a driver's license by foreigners, immigration through investment, etc.).
  3. Services of lawyers from the Dnipro with an accident, criminal proceedings, administrative offenses.
  4. Labor disputes.
  5. Disputes arising from contractual obligations related to credit legal relations (including disputes with banks).

This is not an exhaustive list of services offered to clients - individuals. For more information and consultation, you can call or write to us.

If you are interested in the best lawyer in Dnipro, the price of services, now fill out the feedback form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Lawyer in Dnipro for legal entities

As practice shows, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, not only in Dnipro, but also in other cities of Ukraine, in most cases prefer outsourcing legal services, rather than full-time specialists. First, keeping a legal adviser or legal department is not always financially beneficial. Secondly, a lawyer working at an enterprise does not know all the subtleties and aspects as narrow-profile specialists who are involved in solving a client's problem.

If you want to order the services of the lawyer in Dnipro to protect your personal interests or your business, contact Legal Solutions company. Here is a short list of key services offered to business entities of all organizational and legal forms:

  • business registration in Ukraine and abroad in any jurisdiction of the world on a turnkey basis;
  • services of a corporate lawyer;
  • legal subscription service;
  • resolution of economic disputes;
  • liquidation of business entities;
  • resolution of disputes arising from land legal relations;
  • resolution of disputes related to contractual obligations;
  • resolution of customs disputes;
  • settlement of tax problems;
  • appeal against decisions, actions and inaction of competent state bodies (customs, tax service, etc.);
  • documents legalization services;
  • representation of interests in courts on administrative, economic cases;
  • defense of a suspect accused in criminal proceedings;
  • registration of licenses and permits and many others.

If you want to find out up-to-date information or order the services of a lawyer from the city of Dnipro, the price of which is acceptable and adequate, contact our law firm. The Legal Solutions team are professionals, experts, on whose account there are hundreds of regular customers throughout Ukraine and thousands of successful cases on resolving disputes and problems of any nature and complexity.

Lawyer in Dnipro

How to order the services of the lawyer/attorney in Dnipro?

To become our client, you need to choose one of the convenient ways:

  • phone call;
  • email;

Also we are always glad to see you in our office. As soon as you submit an application and we discuss all the details, our lawyers will start working to help you. Since each situation is individual, we always choose an individual approach to the client. No templates and standards, only optimal, effective and expedient solutions for you and your business!

Finding a lawyer in Dnipro and getting real help - that's all about "Legal Solutions" company

Our law firm is a team of professionals, specialists in various areas of national and international law.

In cooperation with clients, we use the following principles:

  1. Customer focus.
  2. Search for the optimal solution.
  3. Actions exclusively in favor of the client and within the framework of the law (since this is the most).
  4. Responsibility.
  5. Honesty and openness.
  6. Reliability.
  7. Confidentiality.

We never give a 100% guarantee of a successful outcome of the case, but each client can assure that we will do our best to protect the rights and legitimate interests.

Legal Solutions: why are our lawyers/attorneys in Dnipro the best?

Here are some arguments to support this:

  1. High professionalism of the team. We have lawyers who understand various areas of law. If necessary, we involve highly specialized specialists, experts, and arbitration managers.
  2. Colossal experience. Perfect knowledge of theory is one thing, but practice is also important. The specialists of our company have a huge, successful experience. We had some setbacks along the way, but that only made us stronger and improved the quality of our services.
  3. Self-giving. The only goal that we pursue is to provide real assistance to customers so that they come back to us again. In this regard, we guarantee 100% involvement in the process and interest in the successful outcome of the case.
  4. Absolute privacy. We guarantee the preservation of any information that has become known to our employees - personal data of individuals, trade secrets, corporate information, etc.

The cost of services of a lawyer/attorney Dnipro

Since each situation is individual, the cost of our services is determined in each case separately. There are services that we provide at a fixed cost in accordance with the price list. Often we set a time fee for the services of a lawyer.

 We discuss the terms of cooperation with each client before signing the contract. All key points are displayed in the contract and are mandatory. We guarantee honest, transparent and mutually beneficial cooperation at reasonable prices.

Lawyers in Dnipro: top 5 reasons to apply to Legal Solutions company

You have problems and you need the qualified help of a lawyer. Contact us because we:

  • are the team of highly qualified specialists;
  • guarantee real help;
  • always protect your interests;
  • are in touch 24/7 and we can provide instant departure of a lawyer (if such a need arises);
  • know our business well.

Do not wait for the problem to resolve itself, because in most cases even a small nuisance can cause legal negative consequences. The sooner you contact a lawyer for help, the higher the likelihood that everything will end before it even starts. We are waiting for you at the Legal Solutions company in Dnipro!


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