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Contact us now and get:

License to a tobacco

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.
от 10

working days

In service included:

  • a grant of consultations in relation to requirements to the licensee and documents;
  • preparation of necessary documents / of information;
  • representative office of interests of customer in public authorities on all stages of receipt of license;
  • serve of package, necessary documents in the organ of licensing;
  • receipt and dispatch of license to the client;
  • guarantee of complete indemnification at a force-majeure.

About us

Specialists of company legal company "Legal Solutions" having long-term practical experience helping to the licensed subjects, ready to offer the most complete complex of the services related to registration of licenses to a right for a retail business tobacco wares and alcoholic beverages, in the earliest possible dates.

  • Our company gives services in this sphere already more than 5 years;
  • Our lawyers studied the practical side of question in detail;
  • All volume of work on preparation of necessary package of documents we undertake;
  • We will consult you free of charge;
  • Maximally compressed term of preparation of documents and registration of license;
  • Without the personal being and requirement in intermingling with civil servants.

Who does need a tobacco license?

  • Proprietors of supermarkets, shops, booths, market places and others;
  • Proprietors of пабов, bars, night-clubs and others;
  • Proprietors of other places, where the sale of wares comes true;
  • Those, who wishes to prolong the license at that a term elapsed already.

Activity with tobacco wares is licensed by control Department after a production and turn of alcohol, alcoholic beverages and tobacco wares of State tax administration.

Licensing is a process of consideration of package of documents and delivery of license the organ of licensee. A license is a document of permissive character (in a general value), demonstrating certain permission on realization of economic activity (trade, production, implementation of works, grant of services and т.д) at implementation of the licensed terms.

Subject licensing:

  • Production of tobacco wares;
  • Import and export of tobacco wares;
  • Wholesale and retail traiding in tobacco wares.

If you want to economize Your time and nerves, then the most effective decision in this case will be registration of license by means of experience specialists.

A license to a retail business tobacco wares gives next advantages:

  1. Possibility to open an own cafe or restaurant
  2. To be competitive at the market of similar services
  3. To avoid legal responsibility for realization of this type of activity licence free manner

If you engage in realization of alcoholic and tobacco products licence free manner, time to be thoughtful at her receipt.

A receipt of license to a retail business alcoholic beverages and tobacco wares is a pressing enough question because lately the sale of alcoholic and tobacco wares has a considerable degree of profitableness and advantage, as widespread enough type of trade. Id est increases and demand on the receipt of license to a retail business tobacco and alcoholic wares, and and interest in the order of her receipt.

Coming from that a priori order of receipt of licenses enough труднообъяснимый for citizens and requires the detailed working of legislation.

The subjects of economic activity can carry out the sale of cigarettes sole proprietors or enterprises at presence of implementation of a few requirements, namely:

  • Sole proprietor or firm - must have the appropriate appearance of activity (CEA 47.11 that 47.26), that gives a right to sell tobacco wares (cigarettes) to you.
  • Sole proprietor or enterprise - can not be on the United tax of item 291.5.1 the Internal revenue code of Ukraine.
  • Sale must come true at presence of license to a retail business tobacco wares.
  • Sale must come true at presence of cash register.
  • Impossible to sell tobacco wares to the persons that younger 18.

For the receipt of license to trading in a tobacco it is necessary to give documents:

  1. Statement on delivery of license;
  2. Notarial copy of Extract from NSRNEO (Testifying to state registration of subject of entrepreneurial activity);
  3. Notary copy of certificate at bringing in the single state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine;
  4. Notarial copy of contract of tenancy (purchase-sale, testifying to the right of ownership) of trade place.
  5. Original of receipt about payment for trade;
  6. Certificate of State Tax Inspectorate about registration of cash register (we can help to get);
  7. Banking essential elements;
  8. Passports date of leader;
  9. Information about that, how first a license, term of action of previous license (at presence of), is given out;
  10. Number of certificate of payer to VAT, individual number of payer of tax;
  11. Warrant on the employee of legal company.

For the receipt of license to the sale of alcohol or tobacco it is necessary to have properly registered in the organs of State Tax Inspectorate recorder of calculation operations (РРО).

Our company can give services in registration of РРО

If you are interested in acquisition of license to a tobacco - bravely ring to us by phone. you will be able to make sure, that working in a tandem with the professionals of high class, registration of license - it, foremost, the economy of Your time and easy way for the achievement of necessary result.

Our company occupies one of leading places on a legal assistance in the receipt of documents of permissive character. Only for the past year we helped to get more than 1000 documents of permissive character for physical and legal persons.

Our company invites and to carry out you or extend the business with us, and we will economize Your time and money!

That is needed, to get a license and what is our work begun with?

  • We meet you get consultation concerning the receipt of Your license
  • We stipulate the technical and financial details of work.
  • We sign a warrant for a notary on presentation of Your interests.
  • We prepare necessary documents.
  • You get a license.

In addition, we offer the row of additional services:

  • Search and purchase of electronic control-cash vehicle conforming to the requirements of licensing;
  • Registration of this vehicle in the organ of the State tax inspection;
  • Receipt of the required information about accordance of trade places to the requirements of licensing (for example is a degree of moving away from curative, preschool and educational establishments);
  • Registration of permissions on placing of trade points.


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