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Penalty of account receivable

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

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What does service consist of?

  • the Necessary retrieval of data about the financial state of debtor, clear analysis of documents, that confirm the presence of debt, finding out of involvement to her debtor;
  • the Gradual return of debt, that consists of negotiations, work, with claims, informing influence on a debtor, and in case of necessity bringing in of government and law-enforcement services.

Why we?

  • are Specialists of our company the not first year is successfully defended by interests of each of parties in спорах, both in the pre-trial and in judicial order.
  • Only deserving support of Your business by lawyers, that our firm is ready to offer, will help, both to check honesty and loyalty of possible debtor and correctly to conduct the return of already present account receivable.

For whom and why this service?

Usually, a requirement in the penalty of account receivable becomes actual from the financial problems of one of enterprises, or at a failure to observe of conditions of the agreement.

Principal item

An account receivable is totality of debt belonging to the enterprise from physical or legal persons due to the relations of economic character.

On the period of payments of debt she is divided by long-term (expectation of payment above of one year) and short-term (expectation of payment less of one year). An account receivable can be overdue and normal. It is named normal:

  • a presence of advance payments to the supplier;
  • the monetary resources issued on an account;
  • the executed, but not prepaid services (commodities).

Outstanding debt appears, when one of parties does not observe rules that is prescribed in an agreement, id est does not pay the got services, or commodity in the proper time. She is hopeless and doubtful.

A bad debt is a debt that it is impossible to exact. He appears as a result of impracticability of opening of executive production, or since the term of limitation of actions went out.

A debt can be named hopeless at terms:

  • the monetary resources of debtor lie in a bank that is confessed by a bankrupt, and his finances are not enough for closing of debt;
  • term of limitation of actions;
  • it is bankruptcy or liquidation of debtor;
  • it is property absence for a debtor;
  • there are not methods to define the location of debtor.

A doubtful debt is any debt before an enterprise that appears after the grant of services, finance of works, or realization of products, when a sum is not prepaid in a certain term and there is not providing through the guarantees of bank by a guarantor, or mortgage.

Necessary documents and information from a client

Initially an agreement, on the basis of that delivery or rendered services was carried out, expense/pl invoices or acts of reception-transmission, documents, confirmative the fact of partial payment, will be required is an extract from bank establishment on Your account, that testifies to put of facilities (pre-pay or partial payment of commodity or services), or that money did not act on an account confirms, correspondence between parties.

The lawyers of our company will prepare claim, lawsuit (a plaintiff is right, except a basic debt to declare about exacting from the debtor of fines. This 3 % per annum, inflation, fine, fine). Also our specialists can give help in the receipt of decreet and it will be helped to execute him. We work with the Ukrainian and foreign companies on all territory of Ukraine.

Algorithm of work

We use methods that guarantee the return of similar debts.

Pre-trial penalty of debt.

Main support in the algorithm of work of our firm is put on pre-trial and extra-judicial fines. One correct legal claim on calculations and negotiations with a debtor on the primordial stage, it can be enough in order that he began to produce payments. If there is probability to find with a debtor a compromise about restructuring of debt, or partial payments and a similar variant is approved by a creditor, then it is the best method for a penalty in minimum terms.

During the preparatory stage, we develop a script on the penalty of outstanding (the legal analysis of documents, analysis of legal position of debtor, is produced, an estate turns out for him assets) debt.

The pre-trial return of account receivable includes the next stages:


When negotiations with a debtor did not give the desired result or on a situation, obviously, that the most suitable method of penalty of debt is judicial, we begin the penalties of debt through a court.

Penalty of debts through a court

Success of process at the judicial penalty of debt is provided at the literate drafting of claim debt. A lawsuit must be made under right material and judicial right. At a judicial trial there are possibilities of return of debt due to the world agreement of parties.

The return of account receivable through a court includes the next stages:

  • preparation of point of claim;
  • a calculation of sum of penalty approvals, inflationary charges for all period of debt (except the capital amount of debt) and legal expenses;
  • participating of our lawyers in the judicial meeting;
  • complete legal accompaniment of business during a trial.

Chip (advantage)

The lawyers of our company promise a quality and operative penalty to any, even to the hopeless account receivable. With us you necessarily will repay debt in full, will get percent’s for the use by stranger monetary resources and will recover legal expenses!

A penalty of debt is very labor intensive and laborious work. Appealing to us you will get quality accompaniment, confidentiality, and experience approach of professional.

Additional services:

  1. Accompaniment of procedure of a force execution of court decision about the penalty of account receivable that consists of work with the organs of government executive service.
  2. Writing of statements in law enforcement authorities for execution of court decision about the penalty of debt.
  3. Writing of hopeless account receivable and other book-keeping services during work with an account receivable.


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