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Disabled enterprises belong to business entities that, in accordance with legislative norms, enjoy tax benefits, can apply for a loan, financial assistance, and subsidies. But to use the benefits, a company must meet a number of requirements.

In accordance with the current law on the basics of social protection of persons with disabilities, tax and other benefits can only be obtained by a company founded by a public organization of persons with disabilities. If the founder of the enterprise is any other person - individual or legal - in this case, benefits are not provided.

Recall that organizations of people with disabilities and their associations are created with the aim of protecting and rehabilitating people with disabilities, attracting them to activities useful to society, helping with education, cultural development, health protection, etc.

To work on favorable terms, the company must obtain permission from the relevant authorities. These may be:

  • regional, city of Kiev and Sevastopol state administration, executive body in the field of social policy of Autonomous Republic of Crimea- if the gross income for the previous tax year does not exceed 8400 minimum wages;
  • State service for disabled and war veterans - if the income is higher than the specified amount.


  • 1) The number of disabled employees for the previous tax reporting period should be at least 50% of the average number of employees.
  • 2) The wages fund for people with disabilities for this period is at least 25% of the total amount provided for employee benefits.
  • 3) The average monthly salary for people with disabilities cannot be less than the minimum wage established by law.
  • 4) The costs of the enterprise for the processing of raw materials, components, etc., which are used for the production of goods or the provision of services, make up less than 8% of the sale price of products / cost of services rendered.

In order to get a positive decision from the registering authority the first time, it is important to prepare a complete set of documents. Moreover, all of them must be drawn up in accordance with legislative requirements. It is impossible to foresee all possible nuances without the help of an experienced lawyer. Therefore, we suggest you contact the specialists of Legal Solutions, who will fill out the documentation and register the company as soon as possible and in accordance with the required standards.


  • 1) A statement from the founder of a public organization.
  • 2) Copies of constituent documents of a public organization and enterprise.
  • 3) Extracts from the USR regarding the company and the founder.
  • 4) Certificate of the average number of people with disabilities in the enterprise for the previous quarter, issued by the Social Security Fund for the Disabled.
  • 5) Copy of state certificate for the right to permanent use of the land.
  • 6) The business plan of the company.
  • 7) Certificate of the average monthly salary at the enterprise for the previous quarter, including persons with disabilities, in the equivalent of full employment.
  • 8) Copies of reports - tax and financial.


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