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Company "LEGAL Solutions" is modified to provide services associated with changes in the basic activities of public type in Ukraine.

It should also be noted that our company is a leader in the provision of legal services. One of the preferred activities of the company "LEGAL Solutions" at the moment is to provide different priority to public organizations.

About the service

On 01.01.2012 enacted one of the orders Derzhspozhivstandart Ukraine from 11.10.2010, the number 457, but it was approved by the National qualifier Ukraine - Classification of economic activities DK 009: 2010. This classification has a detailed list of all kinds of organizations based definition their codes. Speaking of social organizations, then they go separate section - 94. However, it should be noted that this section may also be referred to and such activities as trade unions, religious organizations, political organizations. But there are three specific activities that are closely related to the NGO and it is of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (code 94.11), professional organizational activities (code 94.12), as well as other socio - organizational activities (code 94.99). One of the popular activities is the last because it is universal, but in addition is the ability to add or exclude information from public organizations that are placing the Unified State Register and other specified types of organizations.

The service consists of the following parts:

  • Consultancy services relating to changes in the activities of the NGO;
  • Passage of the development process the necessary documents;
  • Continuous support of the procedure of state. Registration of change activities, which also includes the filing and obtaining them;
  • Provision of statements to the tax service, which stated that the changes made in the Register of nonprofit institutions, if there was an organization registration.

To change the activities of a public nature, requires the following documents:

  • The current wording of the statute (copy);
  • Minutes of general meeting (copy);
  • Provide information about members, to consider issues of change NACE at the meeting.

At the end of the service, the customer receives:

  • A full description of the documents submitted to the state. registration;
  • Minutes of the meeting of general purpose for which it was decided to change NACE organizations;
  • If changes are made to the Charter of the organization, the client provided by this Constitution;
  • If there was an agreement, it is to get help statistics.

The process of this service is:

  • Receipt of applications to client for services;
  • The consultation process with the client on all matters relating to this change NACE NGO;
  • Provision of customer advances, which is 50% of the cost of the service;
  • Drafting and signing;
  • Carrying out the process state. NGO registration changes;
  • Transfer documents Client;
  • Calculation of other cost for the service.


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