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Disputes in corporate relations

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Corporate disputes appear virtually once a day and everywhere in the course of a legal entity's activities. Participants in disputes may be shareholders, founders, managers, and other persons. The resolution of such disagreements and problems requires immediate settlement. In most cases, an experienced, competent lawyer is involved for this purpose: he will help resolve any corporate dispute.

Most often, lawyers in practice resolve disputes that relate to:

  • rejection of decisions made by the governing bodies;
  • participation in the management of the company;
  • protection of the rights to receive information about the activities of the enterprise;
  • corporate rights;
  • receiving dividends;
  • protection of a legal entity from a raider attack, etc.

Timely legal advice is necessary not only to resolve the dispute, but also to prevent it. If you have the support of qualified specialists of the Legal Solutions company, you can avoid any corporate disputes, because we know how to competently organize the management of your company.

Disputes in corporate relations: our proposals

Having vast experience and a legal base, Legal Solutions lawyers will help you find the best solution that satisfies each of the parties in a corporate dispute.

We offer our clients:

  • analysis of disputed legal relations from the point of view of the law;
  • implementation of the necessary measures aimed at the mutual settlement of the dispute;
  • preparation of a package of documents;
  • drawing up a statement of claim and other procedural documents necessary for filing an application with the court;
  • representing clients in litigation;
  • lawyer consulting;
  • legal audit and many others.

Also lawyers of our company:

  1. protect the rights of their own clients only within the framework of the current legislation.
  2. find the optimal resolution of a corporate dispute.
  3. guarantee absolute confidentiality of personal data, corporate information, and trade secrets.
  4. provide a comprehensive approach to problem solving.
  5. settle corporate disputes with minimal losses.

Disputes between parties in corporate relations: we will find a solution

There are relatively few specialists in corporate law in our country, so it is really difficult to find a true professional. But you're lucky, you've come to the right place.

Our lawyers know how to resolve any corporate dispute, and it's all thanks to:

  • our extensive knowledge base and colossal practical experience;
  • individual approach to each situation (we do not accept work on templates and similar schemes);
  • teamwork (if necessary, in addition to lawyers, we involve others, including highly specialized specialists, in resolving a corporate dispute).

If you have a corporate dispute and you want to resolve it quickly and legally, contact the Legal Solutions company. We have the best solutions for every client!


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