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Other disagreements that is included in the competense of economic courts of Ukraine

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Commercial court does not have interpretation of term "jurisdiction". The institute of jurisdiction gives determinations on the whole, regards possibilities of citizens and entity for helping in the protection of the rights to apply in those, or another instances of jurisdiction sphere of country.

Sometimes this determination can be replaced by other concept that is named " competense of economic courts", that decide plenary powers for the settlement of disagreements and conducting business, relating to economic activity.

In the complex of services, as a rule, it is included:

  • Detailed legal research of present materials of business;
  • Actions sent to the pre-trial settlement of disagreements;
  • Preparation of all required documents for an appeal in judicial instances;
  • Presentation of interests of client on all stages of the judicial meeting;
  • Preparation and presentation of all judicial documents - solicitors, reviews, objections, statements and other queries;
  • Realization of control after implementation of decisions and decisions of courts.

Why we?

A legal company "Legal Solutions" has large experience in area of disagreements of economic character. For the lawyers of our company there are not insoluble questions in the field of economic legal relationships. It is needed to mark that similar businesses very difficult, and require the special preparation (both theoretical and practical).Therefore, unassisted skilled lawyers that work for our firm, not to treat you.

About this service

Coming from Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, economic courts the authorized agents in adjusting of next questions:

  1. Put the conclusions, changes, stopping and implementation of terms of agreements of economic character, related to the questions, along with privatizing of property and on another reasons, except:
    1. Disagreements, regards privatizing of state housing fund.
    2. Disagreements that appear at determination of standards and terms of technical character.
    3. Disagreements that touch questions, about determination of cost of commodities, tariffing of services and activity, if these values can not decide by the agreement of parties.
    4. Disagreements publicly - legal character, that participating to the competense of Constitutional and administrative Court of Ukraine.
    5. Are Other disagreements adjusting of that, according to the Ukrainian legislation belongs to the competense of another organs.
  2. Business is in Crash.
  3. Businesses, that is conducted on the basis of solicitors of Anti-Monopoly Committee (Ukraine), Account chamber on the categories of businesses, that belong to the legislative acts.
  4. Questions of corporate relations among economic societies and by his cocks that relate to opening, activity, guidance and completion of activity of this society, besides labour disagreements.
  5. Businesses sent to the account of rights on securities.
  6. Disagreements arising out of relations of the landed character, where the subjects of economic activity take part, except those, that relate to the competense of administrative courts.
  7. By the phenomenon of property requirements to the debtor in regard to that business was led about crash, and also on disagreements, related to confession illegal transactions of debtor, payments of salary, procedure on re-employment public and official servants of debtor, except the disagreements sent to determination and payment of tax debts, on the basis of internal revenue code of Ukraine and confession of illegal bargains in the cases when filed action on realization of the rights for a supervisory organ, certain НК of Ukraine.
  8. Disagreements according to solicitors about determination of plans of readjustment of debtor to raising action about crash.

It can the jurisdiction economic courts of disagreement be passed by parties on bringing in a verdict, except disagreements, relating to confession of illegality acts, disagreements, appearing at signing, change, stopping and realization of agreements of economic character, that relate to satisfaction of needs the state. Also it is here possible to take the disagreements, described 4th point of 1th part of the real article and other disagreements, indicated in a legislation.

The verdict of court of arbitration can be contested in the orders described in the real code.


The distinguishing feature of economic process (by distinguishing features in consideration of businesses in economic courts) is name the positions prescribed by a judicial legislation, regard pre-trial permission of disagreements of economic character.

Algorithm of actions of legal company "Legal Solutions":

  • Realization of advising of client, касаемо any questions of appeal in economic courts and other instances.
  • Help to Client in determination of order of actions in the process of penalty of debt;
  • Pre-trial settlement of economic disagreements;
  • Development of all required documents.
  • Defence is in a court (an appeal, appeal judicial instance, is also included in her).
  • Representative office of interests at execution of court decision.

That will get client after the grant of services:

  • Decreet having legal force.
  • In some situations is an executive document.


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