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How to get a residence permit in Spain

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Legal Solutions company helps to obtain a residence permit in Spain. Let's review who can apply for it. There are many opportunities, and it is not necessary to have a large capital.

Residence permit without the right to work

Registration of a residence permit in Spain requires compliance with certain requirements:

  1. The property purchased in your name is also suitable for a lease agreement for a period of 1 year.
  2. Residence permit in Spain.
  3. Spanish bank account: they are among the most reliable.
  4. Health insurance is required for all family members, including minor children.
  5. Identification code of non-residence.

How to get a residence permit in Spain for work and study? Other features that are used less frequently

Employment involves the issuance by the employer of a permit for a particular foreigner and the signing of an employment contract. This is the basis for a visa and residence permit in Spain. But in order for a foreigner to apply for such a place, it is necessary to know Spanish. Foreigners who do not know Spanish are offered those vacancies for which there were no applicants among the citizens of Spain. These are working professions, low-skilled work in warehouses, the work of a maid, a nurse, a gardener.

There is also such an option for obtaining a residence permit in Spain as a residence permit with the right to work for yourself. But you need a business plan, which you will approve of in the self-employed trade union.

Researchers who come to Spain for their research also have the opportunity to receive a residence permit. Students in this country can travel for exchange to other educational institutions in the EU. This experience can be very useful for later life and career development. Adult foreigners can apply for a student visa: there are no age restrictions. And the prices for education are quite affordable in many universities in the country. In Spain, it is very prestigious to receive a classical education in exact and humanitarian specialties. There is an opportunity to receive a scholarship. Students are provided with all conditions, large libraries and comfortable campuses for living.

Registering your own business allows you to obtain a residence permit in Spain and request residence for your family members.

Foreign pensioners with an annual income of 10,000 euros or more can become applicants for residence permit in Spain.

Golden visa. Residence permit by investment

Such a program has been in place since 2013 to promote the economic growth of Spain. You can buy expensive real estate, for example in Barcelona, Madrid and become an investor. The purchase amount of the property must be 500,000 euros or more. You can buy shares of large companies. But here it is necessary to watch the securities market constantly, this method is obviously not for beginners. Venture capital funds give the maximum profit after selling. Get more information from Legal Solutions financial advisors.

Obtaining a residence permit in Spain. Advantages

Our clients like this country for many reasons:

  1. The application is being considered promptly.
  2. You can move the entire family.
  3. Mild climate.
  4. Comfortable accommodation.
  5. Quality medicine for everyone, including foreigners. Access to the sea.
  6. Relatively inexpensive life for the EU.
  7. Quality education for all without restrictions The diploma is recognized throughout the European Union. 
  8. Reliable banks
  9. Support for entrepreneurs at the state level.

What documents from Ukraine are needed to obtain a residence permit in Spain?

You submit the necessary documents from Ukraine to the specialist of Legal Solutions company in order to obtain a residence permit in Spain. The list will be discussed with you personally at the first consultation. It all depends on the reasons why you want to live in this country for a long time.

Residence of permit in Spain. What does it give?

If you are interested in Spain, a residence permit without the right to work is a good option. You can:

  • own a business;
  • own property.

This type of residence permit requires sufficient financial support. Such conditions are specially put forward so that the citizens of Spain can get the best jobs. By confirming your high income, you thereby guarantee that you will not qualify for them.

Why is Spain so attractive for a residence permit?

This option is attractive to foreign investors. You will be able to move freely within the EU, receive medical care in the same way as Spanish citizens, and educate children. Well-being awaits you in Spain. If you need a loan, you can get it at a reduced interest rate.

And the main advantage is that Spanish citizenship can be obtained 10 years after living in this country!

Provide yourself with a rich cultural life for many years, an excellent quality of recreation, and a good job. Make the right choice for you and your family! Travel without a visa in the Schengen countries! There are tax benefits for residents. You will not have to worry about your money, as it will be stored in reliable European banks. Real estate purchased in Spain, especially on the sea coast, can be rented out profitably. It is this method that we recommend to most of our compatriots who have a sufficient amount for investment. Real estate transactions in Spain have a very low level of risk.

As for the choice of accommodation, we can recommend Madrid or the Mediterranean coast.

Spain, since 1993, shows high rates of economic development. Today, about 12% of foreigners (of the total number of citizens) live in Spain. These are people from European countries and the African continent.

You need to pay taxes and have a good reputation. An interesting fact: those foreigners who help the authorities to solve a crime can get a Spanish residence permit.

How to get a residence permit in Spain quickly without much effort and time?

Contact Legal Solutions specialists by filling out a short form on the website, call the indicated phone numbers or send an email. Get the first free consultation on all the nuances of obtaining a Spanish residence permit for a Ukrainian.


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