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Registration of РРО

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

Service registration PPO includes:

  • Consultancy services relating to the registration of the PPO and all documents to be;
  • The process of preparing a package of documents or information required;
  • Presentation of the customer, as well as its interest in terms of PPO stage of registering in the state organizations;
  • Assistance in obtaining information about the conduct of the process of fiscal room reservation PPO type in the tax structure;
  • Help to provide help on oplombirovke PPO and PPO in the act of entering a job center with the service nature of the service;
  • Transfer the finished documents to the authorities for special purposes;
  • Preparation and transmission of client certificate of registration of the PPO;
  • Provision of safeguards in case of force - majeure with full compensation.

About company

Our company is engaged in its activities since 2010 and it is safe to say that has proven it only with a good hand, because the company with great responsibility refers to the execution of their duties, and also has the experience in an individual approach to each client, with the maximum meeting the needs. If we talk about the quality, then we can say that the company is one of the best quality service to its customers.

This service is required for:

  • Private entrepreneurs who pay taxes to the second and third group;
  • Enterprises engaged in financial transactions, and this kind of service, regardless of their form of ownership;
  • Organizations that make the sale of all sorts of goods through the Internet via a cash payment;
  • Private banking institutions and their agents who produce exchange is not through the banking organization;
  • All entrepreneurs wishing to invest in the field of alcohol and tobacco products.

Registrar of settlement operations (PPO) - unit or technically - software system, which is engaged in the implementation of fiscal functions and serves as a vehicle registration payment transactions during the sale of any kind of goods or services, exchange operations of a foreign format, or holding the registration of operations upon the goods or services rendered.

Register cash register takes place only with the tax authority, and only at the place of residence of an organization, as well as their units, if they are engaged in economic activity, and finding that at the moment in other regions or areas. they should also be subject to income tax.
To start the registration of the cash register, it is required to start the buy, then tested in the State Register of PPO, in order to avoid any unpleasant situations, as the impossibility of its registration in the tax structure or just expired of its registration.

PPO can be divided into:

  • Control - cash electronic type devices (portable electronic and stationary electronic);
  • Control - cash registers electronic type;
  • System computer - cash plan;
  • Registrars operations for calculation of special purpose;
  • Control - cash registers for petrol stations, electronic special purpose;
  • Computer - POS systems for filling stations for special purposes;
  • Taxis electronic type;
  • Specialised units to provide services and sales;
  • Control-cash registers for operations on purchase and sale of foreign currency for special purposes.

Used for: trade, public catering, service delivery and the gas station.

For PPO registration required documents such as:

  • Supporting documents, which indicated that the PPO is purchased or obtained free of charge or any other document that could confirm the right of ownership of PPO or its use;
  • Confirming the ownership document, thanks to which will post the PPO;
  • The agreement between the CSSD and the organization, stating that it would be carried out repairs and maintenance of the PPO;
  • Status PPO;
  • The accounting book on the calculation operations.

"Legal Solutions" - is a company that no problems will help any customer registration PPO "turnkey", even without your presence, and as soon as possible. At this time, you can protect yourself from nerves and calmly go about their business. All the issues the company will take over. You can already start up!

After you have completed the registration:

  • PPO certificate registered;
  • Account book of reference for the calculation of operations, which will also be already registered;
  • Certificate of registration;
  • Information about the calculation of the registration book.

If registered in Kiev, then here are the steps of the registration:

  • Passing an order in the Grid. companies to register the PPO;
  • Specialized advice;
  • Work on an advance payment;
  • The signing of the contract for the preliminary preparation;
  • Preparation of the package of documents;
  • Submission of ready-made documents in state bodies;
  • The state authorities of documents takes place under the supervision and support;
  • Licensing and transfer to the client.


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