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Changes of the name of organization

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

Sometimes before the proprietors of different organizations there is such problem - it is necessary quickly to change the name. And similar procedure requires obligatory state registration in the organs of justice.

How is procedure of changing of the name?

Procedure of re-registering of the name of organization is begun with the acceptance of corresponding decision on collection of supreme body of management. This fact, and also offered new name of public organization (SO), must be necessarily fixed in Protocol.

Documents that is needed for the change of the name of organization :

  • it is the renewed name SO (it is possible to specify a few variants);
  • it is the accepted Charter;
  • abstract of record of supreme body of management (for example, general collection, conference etc.) about a decision-making about the change of the name;
  • it is testifying to legal activity of operating organization;
  • certificate from the Single state register.

Changing of the name Social Organization through specialists:

Quickly and effectively experience lawyers of company "Legal Solution" can settle a similar question only. This service is given by them in the complex of different measures that include :

  • it is realization of free consultations for clients;
  • preparation of necessary package of documents;
  • it is quality notarial accompaniment at signing of Charter;
  • it is realization by the specialists of all actions that relate to the process of registration;
  • it is making of the new printing and other symbolics.

Advantages of collaboration with our specialists:

Specialists of legal company "Legal Solution" already the protracted term work with different government services, therefore errors or special tightening of time are fully eliminated in a collaboration. Every customer can repose in that safety of his organization is in the hands of professionals. Also you will be surprised and will make happy our prices accessible and acceptable. Basic qualification of our lawyers is difficult and non-standard businesses. Applying to us for help, operative and quality implementation of works is avouched for each.

And as a result of co-operating with specialists, you will get:

  • it is a new charter;
  • it is testifying to legalization of the new name SO from the organ of justice;
  • necessary certificate from statistics;
  • the worked out new printing.

Algorithm of work of lawyer with a client:

  • it is registration of request;
  • it is clarification of nuances of work at the personal meeting with a client;
  • it is a receipt of pre-pay;
  • it is development of package of documents for changing of the name;
  • it is realization of direct process of changing of the name in public organs;
  • it is a transmission of new documents to the client;
  • it is a receipt of fee.

Trust the conduct of the businesses exceptional to the professionals. A company "Legal Solution" is Your effective helper in the decision of legal questions of any complication.


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