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Registration of political party

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That service is in itself:

  • Advising on the establishment of his party;
  • Preparedness of standard documentation;
  • Serve in the executive body of the application;
  • Monitoring and controlling the work on the consideration of the application;
  • Registering the party;
  • Re-registration of a political party ready for a new person in charge.

Why choose us?

Our legal organization "Legal Solutions" has highly qualified professionals with great experience in the area of business registration and monitoring. We will be very glad if you instructed us to work on registration and support of your political organization!

We want you to help make your job easier and reduce the time for classes on registration!

Main article

Ukrainian legislation identifies and provides guarantees for the human right to form a political society, which will carry and protect their rights and freedoms and to meet the political, artistic, economic, social and other areas. Political society from the very beginning of its existence, is obliged to observe the country's laws.

Pros political organization:

  • You are taking part in political work, spend more public events;
  • Public authorities give you the information that will need to be raised to life goals and aspirations;
  • Create media;
  • You can participate freely in the formation of my lord bodies have representation in their composition;
  • When conducted election campaign, you will be available to public media;
  • And so on.

Registering Political Organizations

According to Art. 2 of the Law of Ukraine "On the political society in Ukraine" political organization - an association of citizens in the voluntary agreement, according to the law. It advocates that adhere to certain social development programs, the most important goal - is the formation and expression of the will of the people taking part in the election campaign and other activities related to the policy.

The Constitution of Ukraine guarantees to freedom of association in the organization of political direction, in order to implement and protect the rights and freedoms and to meet the political, social, economic and cultural interests. It provides a guarantee for the legal equality, and it does not depend on whether you belong or do not belong to you any political organization, it looks like this, as a citizen is equal before the law.

Registers political society chief executive body, which carries out the state policy towards the citizens of registering companies and other entities - the State Registration Service of Ukraine.

The organization acquires the status of a legal entity only if the registration occurs in a special service.

Member of the political society can be a citizen of Ukraine, have the right to election in conformity with the legislation of the country.

Ukrainian citizen may be included only in a political organization.

We need to prepare some documentation to register a political society:

According to Art. 11 of the Law of Ukraine "On Political Parties in Ukraine" for registering a political organization to submit the following documentation:

  1. The constitution and plan for the development of political society;
  2. Document the organizational meeting of political society with the designation of the date and place of its passage, the number of members who have voted for the formation of a political party;
  3. The signatures of citizens who are going according to the requirements of the legislation, to support the decision of the emergence of political organizations and individuals who have to collect at least 10,000 signatures of citizens of Ukraine, they have to be assembled with two-thirds of areas and at least two-thirds of the regions of Kiev, Sevastopol , Crimea;
  4. Data on lead content in the political bodies of the organization;
  5. The receipt of payment of registration fee;
  6. Name and address of the bank where the account is opened will be a political organization.

State Registration Service of Ukraine provides the political organization of the registration certificate, which is set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The finale, a call

The main operation is carried out during the registering - it is the party entering into the Unified State. Register, it will easily and on the rights of the law to produce work: to do calculations, to make a profit, to make contributions to the state fund. If you are working legally, then your business will be successful.

In more detail describe why you should contact us

Our law firm "Legal Solutions" in the provision of legal services has been working for a very long time. We have for a long period of time managed to do a lot of developments in different legal areas. We employ highly qualified specialists, who know very well their job. They decided positively a lot of questions asked by our customers. It is because of the love for his work, responsibility and improve ourselves, our professionals have proved best and get a good position in the market. This fact proves a large number of grateful feedback from our customers. High-quality work, which aims to achieve a better result - our main goal!

The process works:

  1. Getting Applications from the client;
  2. Conduct a personal meeting with you;
  3. Get 50% deposit;
  4. Based on your documents and information, create the necessary documents for submission to the registration of the political organization (the registration statement, the protocol, etc.);
  5. Carrying out maintenance process documents by a notary signature;
  6. Registration of a political organization and establishment registration in all relevant bodies;
  7. We return all documentation and printing to you.
  8. Preparation of a 50% payment after the work done.


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