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Contact us now and get:

Registration of Association of joint owners of apartment house

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

Service plugs in itself following:

Every client a professional legal help is avouched for from the beginning of serve of documentation, and ending procedure of registration :

  • Preparation of base package of documents necessary for a serve toward consideration by state administration;
  • Grant of free consultation on the topic of positive and negative parties of society;
  • Preparation of notes of the constituent meeting;
  • Bringing of society in the Single state register with attachment of corresponding document;
  • Development of charter of the formed association;
  • Raising of society on an account in all state funds;
  • Rapid development, making of printing;
  • Help in the receipt of status of "unprofitability".

Why do people choose us?

A company "Legal solution" during many years conquered durable positions at the market of jurisprudence, and today can offer professional services for every client. An experience command of lawyers is ready to decide the tasks of registration of Housing cooperative with registration of passing documentation. With us you assuredly will forget about all bureaucratic difficulties arising up in a process.

For whom and for what our services?

Our services will be useful, if:

  • You tired of to run into unconscientious implementation of duties of communal;
  • Part from the list of the given services you do not need in general.

Due to our services you can create own society of joint owners of apartment houses, and already in the near time to use all advantages of this status.

What registration of association of joint owners of apartment houses, and what advantages are herein?

This association implies the complex of the organized businesses sent to defence of interests of concrete group of joint owners of the chosen real estate, thus on fully legal rights. The correctly registered society of this level decides independently, who and as will serve their dwelling-house or separate lot land belonging on territory to this society.

Modern problem of communal:

Few to become indifferent, when looks in unsealing of monthly payments for building services. Not secret, that quality of the given services of communal establishments of our country abandons to wish the best. But, the few knows that any house can give up concrete services (we will say so, not necessary) for that they pay quite a bit money. Due to development of the legal system in Russia, the former system of adjusting and withholding of the use is now actual non-residential and dwellings premises, taking into account all adherent territories.

From July, 1 2015years was accepted law on adjusting of rights for the association of owners of apartment houses, that requires obligatory state registration. A law looks so: "About the features of realization of ownership rights in apartment houses". His essence pushes slightly joint citizens-owners during one year to decide, what form of management and system of service will be in those dwellings and not dwellings apartments, where housing cooperative yet is not.

It is necessary to bring in our plan a not insignificant fact, that similar family an association spreads not to one entrance, and on all house on the whole. The habitants of concrete house organize the collections on that questions decide at delegations of powers on the management of house for the concrete STATE of emergency or state department.

There are situations, when lodgers can not independently define methods and methods of care of the house, and at that rate managing assigns power for a local level. In other words, the authorized personality arrives into place, and she signs an agreement on service and management of apartment house of the joint owners. Who will be this authorized person, and what duties on him are laid - remains unknown. Most important, a pay that levy for maintenance of apartment house is quite unknown.

That is needed for registration:

  1. To show all passport data (including ITN) of participants, and also leader
  2. It is necessary to report:
  • These basic organizations and her name;
  • Aim of creation and basic activity;
  • Telephone number for the organs of the state.

After successful registration a participant gets on hands:

  • Protocol about creation of society;
  • Order for setting of leader;
  • Extract about registration of society;
  • Regulation documents;
  • Decision of tax service about plugging in the register of society in unprofitable organizations;
  • Printing

On results our collaboration, in the order you get an individual control structure, and also the prepared legal person due to that you can assert right on legal rights, as owner of non-residential premises and apartments, distributing duties on due maintenance of territories, including the use of general property (indivisible). Every legal moment is confirmed by the corresponding package of documents at state level.

To have a right independently to accept concrete decisions on questions of effective maintenance of the house, it is necessary not simply to declare it in a collective plan, but also to design property rights in the correct order on part of territory or house on the whole. Better what you, the state will not be able will look after dwelling, but exactly it gives an opportunity to use rights on making decision in relation to arrangement of house.

You independently will be able to set illumination, organize a cleanness, and main, to decide, how many all of it will cost. And our main task is a help to you in organization of such state project.

Main advantage of similar organizations is obvious, in fact unlike typical housing maintenance offices, forces of the state in any way can not influence on the construction of tariffs on services and order of implementation of concrete works.

Why does choose us exactly?

A company "Legal Solution" does everything in order that clients did not run into legal difficulties. The powerful organized mechanism with the skilled command of specialists will help to decide any task and problem, touching registration. Every point of action plans to the little things, and all contingences are removed by professionals in the earliest possible dates. We inculcate a transparent pricing policy, and the concept of extraordinary expenses is quite absent in our practice.

That you get in the end:

  • On results our short-term and successful enough collaboration you get:
  • Inventory with the presence of unique code, due to that there is possibility of viewing of the personal status, documents given in a state register. The copy of documentation is easily got;
  • Certificate about bringing of Your society of unprofitable organizations;
  • Extract with SSR and main printing of association.
  • Plan of our work with a client:
  • To register society of joint owners of apartment houses, we adhere to the next tested plan:
  • Reception.

Customer support plan:

  1. To register society of joint owners of apartment houses, we adhere to the next tested plan:
  2. Taking of request over a client;
  3. Organization of the personal meeting with a client, with the decision of optimal variants for opening of business;
  4. Bringing by the client of 50pre-pay;
  5. Consultation and accompaniment (as necessary) of procedure of creation of collection of lodgers;
  6. Preparation of all necessary documents on registration of housing cooperative on the basis of the got originals of client;
  7. Registration of request of Housing cooperative and decision on an account in necessary organs;
  8. If printing is required - she is made in the earliest possible dates;
  9. All collected documentation and printing are passed to the client;
  10. We accept other 50 of a finish speaking sum;
  11. Signature of documents on unprofitability;
  12. Registration of unprofitability is in tax service;
  13. On the eventual stage a client gets a certificate about unprofitability.


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