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Registration of limit liability company

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

Fill out the registration form of LLC


Service in creation and registration of limit liability company consists of a few constituents:

  • advising on any questions, LTD. related to registration and by activity;
  • development of complete package of documents, that will be required for registration of LTD.;
  • accompaniment of procedure of notarial assertion;
  • raising on an account in Government fiscal service and management of statistics;
  • receipt of Extraction (act) from the Single state register;
  • receipt of lists (certificates) from the Single state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine in Management of statistics (if necessary);
  • making of printing;
  • free delivery.

Why we?

The specialists of the Legal company "Legal Solution" possess rich experience of work in the field of registration and maintenance of business. We undertake all work related to registration of enterprise.

Our task is in that you did not spend the time on paper procrastination and turns. All caring we undertake!

Registration of limit liability company - it one of fundamental factors of conduct of honest, transparent business. Certainly, processing of all permissive documents entails considerable temporal and money expenses, but it nothing as compared to those problems, that can arise up for unconscientious owners deciding to go round a law a side.

Numerous penalty approvals, administrative and even criminal responsibility is envisaged as it applies to such businessmen. Ignoring the obligatory conditions of doing business is in our country, indisputably, fraught by the most unfavorable consequences. That is why the most faithful, and only method to avoid them - to legalize the entrepreneurial activity by means of registration of legal entity.

Advantages of LTD

Presently all anymore and more people in our country choose for the conduct of economic activity this pattern of ownership is limit liability company. It is dictated by the requirements of grant of less of documents to the state recorder as compared to registration of enterprises of other patterns of ownership. This circumstance is entailed by considerable reduction of prices of all procedure and allows to economize time. Society can create one or a few persons.

In case if a few persons participate in creation, then the charter capital of society is divided by stakes, and participants carry риски within the limits of cost taken to them by the stake of capital. It is another plus in registration exactly of limit liability company. But there are also "submarine stones" that must be taken into account yet on the stage of preparation to registration of society.

Registration of LTD

Registering limit liability company is possible independently, or resorting to our help. In second case total money charges on all legal operations can exceed the charges inlaid in first case, but we will economize Your nerves, forces and time assuredly. And it is priceless.

In case if you decided to conduct registration independently, then indisputably, you will get invaluable experience in-process with many legal documents and state instances, but hardly independent preparation of package of documents will make warranty to you positive answer for a query and the more will not protect you from additional charges on redoing and retraining of documents.

To the man, that is small acquainted with legal subtleties, requiring not only the presence of theoretical knowledge but also abilities effectively to apply them in practice, it is difficult to obtain the positive decision of question quickly and with small money expenses. In this case more comfortable and more effective for you it will be to resort to the help of our skilled specialists.

In fact we suggest not simply to execute the certain set of the mechanical successive acting on you, and intelligently and correctly to work out the plan of preparation of documentation, pick up a legal and actual address, organize intermingling with state recorders and tax organs, to put an enterprise on an account in all state funds.

Documents are needed for registration


  • Copy of passport (all filled pages) and identification code of founders.


  • Сopy of foreign passport (all filled pages) and identification сode (if I am).


  • You give to us only Code of USREOU and Name.


  • By a notary office-copy, that confirms registration in the country of location of legal entity (Extractions from a bank, trade, judicial register). A document is under an obligation to be translated and apostilled (legalized);
  • Documents that confirm rights for a person, what the signature of documents will accomplish on behalf of legal entity, with translation and legalization. At a signature by a representative, there must be the notarial notarized warrant in Ukrainian language, or legalized;
  • Protocol of supreme body of legal entity about a decision-making to come forward the founder of the created enterprise (we can help in development).


  • Copy of passport (all filled pages) and identification code.

In the cases of absence of identification code, we can come forward on his receipt.


  • Name of legal entity (In Ukrainian language necessarily; additional languages on Your desire);
  • Location of society;
  • Pin telephone number;
  • Size of charter capital (if a charter capital is formed by property, then there must be a list);
  • Distribution of stakes is in a charter capital (by founders);
  • Basic types of activity;
  • Name of executive branch (for example, Director, Director general);
  • Presence of chief accountant (in the moment of registration) - not necessarily;
  • System of taxation (general, VAT, united tax).

All process of registration is sent to bringing of enterprise in SSR of Ukraine, that Your economic activity was legal, you could get an income and produce withholdings in state funds. Appealing to our company, you in maximally short spaces will get all necessary documents!

After registration, you get the complete set of documents necessary for realization of economic activity of enterprise :

  • Inventory with an unique code, through his it is possible to look Your status, documentation, that given to the state recorder, the copy of that can be got;
  • Charter of company;
  • Protocol about creation of LTD.;
  • Order about setting of director;
  • Property abstract SSR;
  • Certificate from Management of statistics (if necessary);
  • Printing of society.

The founder of society does not bear responsibility for unperformed obligations of society. He bears responsibility for only losses of the regulation stake.

More detailed about us

A legal company "Legal solution" works in the field of providing of legal services already the not first year. For this time we got the great number of practical works in different directions. Highly skilled specialists that thoroughly know the business and I have a not alone effective transaction pick-a-back work only for us. Our industriousness, responsibility and permanent perfection, allowed to take the chart place us at the market of services and get the great number of positive reviews from clients. Our motto: "Quality work sent to Your success.

Algorithm of work :

  • To us a request acts from a client;
  • We organize meeting with a client, during that we pick up the best variant for opening of business;
  • We get 50pre-pay;
  • We help in the selection of the name of company (we produce verification of actuality), pick up the types of activity in obedience to SIC, if required, then we give a legal address;
  • According to the got documents and data, we produce development of the required documents for registration of LTD. (warrant, charter, protocol, order about setting of director, registration statement);
  • We accompany the signature of documents a notary;
  • We produce registration and raising on an account in the required organs;
  • We make printing;
  • We give the complete package of documents and printing to the client;
  • We get 50ост payments for perfect transaction.


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