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Registration of change of charter capital

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

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working days

According to procedure, we give:

  • it is Collection of the required documentation and bringing of changes in constituent documents;
  • it is Assertion of Charter in a notarial office;
  • it is Payment of all collections and duties;
  • Registration of changes in constituent documents state . registrations;
  • Receipt of documents, confirmative the fact of registration of changes in constituent documents;
  • we will Notify State Fiscal Service.

Why we?

  • All consultations we conduct free of charge;
  • Pick-a-back our firm 7 more than of successful work;
  • All specialists besides higher education thoroughly know all nuances of such procedures;
  • We own practice of intermingling with the employees of public organs, that accelerates all procedures undoubtedly;
  • From you the minimum set of documents will be required, other we will prepare;
  • We make warranty success, in case if him we do not arrive at, then we do not claim payment;
  • In times of work purchased the great number of positive reviews from clients;

About Service:

In Ukraine, forming of charter capital takes place from a moment, when collection of founders of enterprise was conducted and to the end of one year after state . registrations. Next changes can be produced only at a legal entity, that through collection of supreme body send to the conclusion, that a charter capital it is necessary to increase/to decrease.
In a charter (build) capital the participants of society can bring in monetary resources, and also property. These actions must carry evaluation character of material plan.

A charter capital is formed from the moment of decision-making about creation of LTD., and to completion of year after state registration. If after one year a charter capital is not formed properly, that on collection of supreme body there is an exception of the participants not inlaid in a capital, the unbrought in part is here subject to distribution between other participants and a capital either diminishes or liquidated. It is needed to memorize, that it is impossible to decrease a charter capital, if on it the consent of creditors was not got.
After the complete forming of capital a company can farther continue the activity. Making alteration in a capital is possible at any moment. If there is a necessity, then it is possible to produce a regulation capital increase LTD. property, monetary resources and other types of profits.

Procedure of regulation capital increase LTD. in Kyiv very protracted, if to do her first, however, if to operate in accordance with the letter of the law, then there will not be difficulties at the change of charter capital.

List of documents and information for the change of charter capital :

  • it is the Name, code of firm;
  • copy Original of operating release of Charter;
  • copy of Passport, kode of operating founders;
  • Sum of change of charter capital and change of stakes in a charter capital;
  • it is Number of the last notes of the General meeting of participants or Decision of owner.
A capital increase is an effective method of increase of turnover means of company, because any facilities fixed as bringing of charter capital can not be imposed a tax.

The specialists of our company will decide all questions on reduction/to the regulation capital increase, coming from the form of your enterprise. We give help documentarily to make alteration and design all procedures in the instances of Kyiv.

Procedure on the change of charter capital is a difficult process, because in him great number of nuances, according to ГК of Ukraine and law "On economic societies". One of nuances is an obligation to advise all creditors about reduction of capital and about the advanced repayment, or stopping of agreement with reimbursement of losses.

Package of documents, got after procedure:

  1. Protocols or decision about the change of charter capital;
  2. Charter of company;
  3. Extract from ЕГР.

Algorithm of work:

  1. We get Request from a client;
  2. We specify all nuances on a task;
  3. We get 50 prepayment;
  4. On the basis of the given documents and information we develop all necessary documents on changing of charter capital;
  5. We conduct re-registering and notify all necessary organs;
  6. We pass to all documents the client.
  7. We get 50ост payments for the conducted procedure.


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