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Entrepreneurial activity, until recently fragmented and consisting of small and medium-sized business representatives, is rapidly changing in modern conditions and already has a strong tendency towards the consolidation of business structures and globalization of business. More and more companies and firms are reaching the European level and are demonstrating increased opportunities. Under these conditions, small farms are ineffective and do not withstand stiff foreign competition.


To survive in this economic struggle, it is necessary to have a lot of resources, therefore, the business is heading towards business unification. Separate business enterprises that are incapable of opposition are looking for opportunities to merge enterprises into sectoral, territorial and other groups convenient for effective work. Legally, this merger of enterprises is defined by the term “business associations”.

Ukrainian legislation indicates that a business association may have two or more enterprises, including those established under the laws of other states, and have the goal of coordinating their scientific, production and other developments in order to solve joint economic and social issues. Such associations can be created for an indefinite period and the name of the association, as well as on a temporary basis in order to solve certain time-limited tasks. They are called consortia.

The global merger of companies can be carried out both on a voluntary basis and forcibly according to the decisions of the bodies entitled to it. The procedure for state registration of associations of enterprises is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the legislation and requires the provision of a specific set of documents for this, which is displayed in the Economic Code of Ukraine.

As a rule, the integration of industrial enterprises is a rather complicated and time-consuming process, besides, it is required to withstand all the norms of the legislation and competently draw up constituent documents. Legal Solutions, being one of the most qualified and widely known specialists in legal issues, can take care of you and do the work in a short time with the best result.

The merger of firms provides for the preparation of a number of legal documents, such as constituent protocols and the charter of an enterprise, where all the nuances that are beneficial to the firm and do not violate any norms of Ukrainian legislation should be provided for. In addition, Legal Solutions can quickly and efficiently notarize documents, obtain certificates of registration in the state register, tax authorities, pension funds and social insurance, as well as put on statistical records, make a seal, open a bank account.

We minimize your participation in registration procedures and guarantee the quick creation of a business combination.


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