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Permission on a temporal residence

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

The most optimal choice an appeal will become in our company. We will help to design permission quickly and professionally.

Registration of kind on a temporal residence is in Ukraine. In procedure included:

  • introductory conversation, collection of necessary information, stipulating of possible prospects on the receipt of ; kind on a temporal residence;
  • patronage of client in all questions and on all stages;
  • preparation of all necessary documents;
  • a help in registration and receipt of permission on kind on a temporal residence;
  • preparation of as cable certificates and their assertion. In case of necessity translation of documentation;
  • a help in payment of all necessary payments and duties;
  • delivery of documents (free of charge).

Do a correct choice

We created our company, that quickly and it is skilled to help people, to be Your reliable comrade from Ukraine. Then where you live has no value for our company. Doing a choice in our benefit, you will get a number of advantages.

You will not have to redo documents and correct numerous errors driving in papers under necessary forms, it will not be needed to exhaust itself above this mountain of documents, to hurry on cabinets and remain enormous turns, losing precious time, having no guarantees on the receipt of successful result, to read carefully in laws and puzzle over difficult legal terminology.

In our services not only a help in the receipt of temporal residential permit (certificates) but also extended consultations is included on any interesting you question. Not insignificant advantage of our company is a guarantee of Your confidentiality and legitimacy of all executable by us actions. We promise that we will provide Your minimum participation in the process of preparation and processing of documents.

Receipt of certificate on kind on a temporal residence in Ukraine is a necessity for foreigners that have plans on :

  • finding of official work on territory of Ukraine;
  • proceeding in relationships with family, in case of presence of Ukrainian citizenship of the married couples;
  • work in organization of religious character;
  • work in organizations related to the foreign relations;
  • cultural, volunteer work, and also work in an educational and scientific sphere;
  • work as a representative of foreign facilities of mass information;
  • it is educating.

What does mean to get permission on kind on a temporal residence? A temporal residential permit is possibility to be on territory of Ukraine to the representatives of other countries or persons, not having citizenship on absolutely legal grounds. The list of grounds is certain the legislative base of Ukraine for an entrance and stay in Ukraine. All necessary actions are prescribed in Decision of CMU from 28.03.2012г. № 251 "About claim of Order of registration, making and delivery of kind on a permanent residence and kind on temporal inhabitation and technical description of their forms and making alteration in the decision of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 26.12.2002 N 1983".

All as cable documents, certificates, extracts, applications handed in an in local organs presenting government migratory service of Ukraine (SMA). All examples of documents and procedure of their acceptance is under control MIA of Ukraine. Our command of specialists will help you on every stage of process of receipt of permission. We will accompany you and advise, execute all difficult work and be the guarantor of immediate result.

It is not insignificant to remember that some innovations took place in Ukraine. If to generalize and distinguish above and substantial all moments, it is important to notice that for a foreigner a stay limits in Ukraine. A limit makes 90 days in an interval 180 from the moment of the first entrance.

What must be done for a legal entrance to Ukraine, or actual stay in her, after completion of limit not to break the law? That is one time for such cases, for being in a country on more protracted interval of time legislation and envisages such privilege, as residential permit. This privilege allows to the foreigners to be in Ukraine, ride into and abandon a country on legal grounds during the action of the got permission. Here and the main difference of residence permit consists from TRP. The names talk for it. Temporal residential permit that and differs from permanent that has limitation in the term of action. Limit of such permission - one calendar year. The presence of permission provides with foreigners all the same rights and duties, that have citizens of Ukraine except for those aspects that is prescribed in Law "On migration".

So what rights for a citizen are appropriated to the foreigner? Here basic from them:

  • a receipt of education, free education for children;
  • possibility of further receipt of Ukrainian citizenship;
  • a right on bank services;
  • presence of permission on ПМЖ competent official employment opportunity;
  • a right for the import of own car without the penalty of duty.

Main grounds for the receipt of TRP it is been considered:

  • official confirmation from the Ukrainian enterprise, jar and what or other official establishment about the stay of foreigner on service in these structures;
  • a presence of visa notarized by Department of Education at an entrance to Ukraine with the purpose of receipt of education;
  • proceeding in relationships with family, in case of presence of ВВЖ or Ukrainian citizenship at one of the married couples;
  • participating in projects on an international help, at presence of the registered agreements ICC;
  • a presence of visa by the given out religious organization in case of realization of the special religious man oeuvres;
  • work in subdivisions of the Justices accredited by Ministry of Ukraine, i.e. participating is in work of governmental organization of the foreign states. Implementation of cultural, volunteer work, and similarly works in an educational and scientific sphere, at presence of international agreements or participating in the special programs. All must be confirmed by official records;
  • work as a representative of foreign facilities of mass information;
  • Impossibility to abandon a country a foreigner that arrived by an illegal way and is in Ukraine temporally, to permission of insuperable circumstances.

We will help to design all documentation for the receipt of TRP in minimum terms. Temporal scopes and cost of our services can hesitate depending on documents a client have that already, request for urgent registration of permission on residence permit and other circumstances that can arise up already directly during the process of registration. To know the exact cost of service exactly for you, it is necessary simply to contact with our consultant.

Information and documents, required from a pretender on TRP. Depending on founding on that a client will get TRP the package of documents can be varied.

  • Necessary documents in case of receipt of ВВЖ on the basis of permission on official employment. Information about an enterprise:
  • it is a code of NSRUEO;


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