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Penalty of debt on economic agreements

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Naturally, that disagreements straight before the economic court appear a final moment in any disagreements between economic subjects, and directly from that, as far as position is strong and primary documents are correctly executed subsequent development of actions depends in most cases.

It is not needed to forget about that sums in economic disagreements can equal ten of millions and have the opportunity to render ponderable influence on activity of business, carrying after itself, in case of loss in a court enormous losses and shots on reputation. In this connection control of all process of relationships is very important with partners, beginning from preparations, ending registration of protocols about intentions, agreements on skilled and effective accompaniment of all trial, if required.

In the complex of services, as a rule, enters:

  • it is Detailed research of all materials of business, working of legal position of client in an order to line up the most effective line of defence of interests;
  • are Measures of pre-trial settlement of dispute;
  • it is Preparation complete packages of documentation, that is needed at an appeal in judicial bodies;
  • it is Presentation of client-side at judicial trials;
  • it is Registration and presentation of solicitors, reviews, objections, statements;
  • it is Controlling of implementations of verdicts and decisions of courts.

Why we?

To carry out protecting from credible risks and get effective legal activity in your organization maybe through two methods: to accept a highly skilled lawyer (that quite often is an extremely intricate problem) on work, or to entrust to hired the lawyers of our company. Taking for basis the considerable experience in economic disagreements, we will render assistance in adjusting of any difficult task.

Our highly skilled lawyers fully will provide your defence in judicial bodies, will conduct a valuable analysis, preparation and literate legal registration of your relationships with contractors and state.

The lawyers of our company apply non-standard protective lines that is sent to the successful decision of judicial dispute in behalf on Client in-process.


One of grounds of origin of economic obligations (and most widespread in the field of economics) are economic agreements by means of that will mediate connections between the subjects of management, and also between them and other participants of economic relations.

Economic agreement - it the property-organizational obligations of participants of economic relations (parties), sent to maintenance (providing) of their economic activity (economic needs) taking into account общехозяйственных (public) interests, are fixed in the special legal document on the basis of agreement.

Distinguish many different types of economic agreements, in particular such the purchase-sale of commodities, delivery, implementation of certain works, providing of services, contract, lease of and other

The process of penalty of debt consists of:

  • the Legal analysis of documents;
  • are Preparations of claims, letters-requirements, complaints (calculation of 3 years, fine, inflationary losses);
  • are Preparations of points of claim in a court;
  • are representative Offices of interests in a court;
  • are Receipts of decision, order (executive document) of court and producing to execution in the organs of Government executive service;

Control after activity of state performers on the search of property of debtor, arrest of property and realization.


In disputes on the penalty of debt on economic agreements the legislation of Ukraine is envisage additional penalty approval is an extra charge of 3 years to the basic amount due.

Algorithm of actions of legal company "Legal Solutions" on the penalty of debt after economic agreements:

  • Advising of client on questions of penalty of debt;
  • Help to Client in the decision of order of actions in the process of penalty of debt;
  • Pre-trial settlement of economic spores;
  • Preparation of necessary documents;
  • Judicial defence (including an appellate and appeal judicial instance);
  • Representative office of interests at execution of court decision.
That will get client after the grant of services - decreet entering into legal force.


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