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Typically, a cooperative created in order to implement a common collective activity, to implement social ideas and getting a profit. Mandatory condition for the creation of such a structure - voluntary participation of all its members. Any society is considered to be a legal entity, as it has its own balance, bank account, the charter and the seal. To form it to meet the economic, social and other needs of the members on the general principles of self-government.

Types of cooperatives:

  • production - conducting any activity on the principles of universal participation of all members;
  • serving subtype - the provision of services of the cooperative members and other persons;
  • Consumer views - organization of trade services (for example, the procurement of raw materials).

According to the main directions of activity of cooperatives are subdivided into housing construction, horticultural, garage, education and many others.

The process of registration of the cooperative

Join any of the cooperative is voluntary its founders. They can act and individual legal persons - citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and person without citizenships. The minimum age for participation in such a structure - 16 years. The decision to create the organization was adopted at the founding meeting.
The number of members of the cooperative can not be less than three persons. When creating a need to compile a list of Organizations for current and potential members, and approve it at a general meeting.

Membership in the cooperative is terminated in the following cases:

  • the voluntary consent of the parties to withdraw from the structure;
  • termination of activity of the cooperative;
  • late payment of the membership fee;
  • illness or death of members.

Unlawful exclusion of members of the cooperative may be appealed in court.

Cooperatives Register: effective aid professionals

By entrusting the organization and further registration of the cooperative professionals from law firm "Legal Solutions", the customer will receive a full package of services:

  • Preparation of necessary documents for the general meeting of members.
  • Professional development of the Charter.
  • State registration of a specialist in the relevant bodies of the cooperative.
  • Preparation of constituent documents.
  • Production of printing and symbols.

The experienced lawyers of our Company will be able to quickly navigate to any difficult situation and find the customer exactly the kind of co-op that will meet your goals.

Registration garage cooperative needed search and registration of land, and in this situation, effective specialist support to help solve the problem quickly and without much excitement on the part of the client.

In order to prepare a package of constituent documents of the cooperative, you must provide the following information:

  • view of the future of the cooperative;
  • copies of passport and identification number founders;
  • on the whereabouts of the cooperative (actual address);
  • certain areas of activity (for drawing up the charter and registration card);
  • desirable tax system.

If you have decided to entrust the affairs of law firm "Legal Solutions" - Be sure that the registration will take place efficiently and in a strictly prescribed period. For each working step will meet a true master of his craft. And this means that you can save a lot of your personal time, money and nerves.

Thus, to prepare the constituent documents of the cooperative, we need the following documents and information:

  • Determining the type of kooperatives;
  • copies passports of founders of the cooperative;
  • copies identification number founders;
  • Data on the location kooperativa;
  • direction cooperative activities (for the charter and registration card);
  • Sistema of taxation
The founders must obtain a notary power of attorney for the creation of cooperative and sign the charter of the cooperative.

Work algorithm:

  • we get a request from a client;
  • We conduct a personal meeting with the client;
  • We get 50% down payment;
  • We help with the choice of the type of kooperativa and many others;
  • on the basis of information provided by documentation and develop all the necessary documents for registration kooperativa;
  • conducting support signing documentation;
  • Constituent documents of transfer o registration customers;
  • Get 5O% payment for the post held procedure.


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