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Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, UK, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Seychelles, Belize and etc.

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To buy the prepared business in Kyiv, Ukraine

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At the present time, becoming a businessman is not easy, because almost all areas have long been firmly exploited by more nimble and risky entrepreneurs. However, new enterprises open and operate, and the result of their activities depends entirely on the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the owner, as well as the professionalism and skill of the staff. Having decided to start his own business, he will have to smash his head over his type of activity. But it is possible to quickly and easily resolve this issue - just buy an existing business and head it!


The legal company Legal Solutions has been engaged in such areas as selling and buying a ready-made business for many years. Today it is very difficult to buy a business in Ukraine without resorting to the help of experienced and knowledgeable people. In our company, all employees are highly qualified and thoroughly proficient in individual techniques of professional skill, which guarantees the indispensable quality of the work performed.


  • 1) always ready to come to the rescue and find an acceptable option for your existing business;
  • 2) act strictly within the established deadlines and do not allow their violation;
  • 3) asking for adequate prices for popular legal services;
  • 4) work conscientiously and efficiently;
  • 5) are trusted by customers;
  • 6) promptly solve problems arising in the course of cooperation;
  • 7) have the necessary experience and recognition of high professionalism.


The competent specialists of Legal Solutions will be happy to help their customers buy a ready-made business in Kiev or in any region of the country. They are easily and freely oriented in the legislative norms of Ukraine and have significant advantages:

  • act exclusively in the legal field;
  • carefully and meticulously study various options before you buy a ready-made business to your client;
  • try to make the acquired business worth the money that paid for it;
  • competently and efficiently prepare all the necessary documents;
  • supervise the process of selecting options and buying a business at all stages of the passage;
  • Provide operational advice on any issues related to the purchase of a business.


Legal Solutions specializes in issues such as buying a business, as well as selling it. This is not the first year we have been doing this and have applied our knowledge to solving many atypical and complex issues in the field of buying / selling small enterprises. We offer our services in order for the client to acquire exactly the business that is of interest to him and that he can make a profit during its operation. We will not allow our customers to fall into the hands of fraudsters and buy a loss-making enterprise. Our sophisticated lawyers will clearly and professionally carry out their work so that you can safely manage your business and expand it.


Despite the huge number of advertisements for the sale of a ready-made and fully developed enterprise, it is quite problematic to buy a business in Kiev, and beyond. It is highly doubtful that the layman will be able to discern all the pitfalls and problematic trends in the acquired business, because even people with special training and considerable practical experience can find it difficult to figure this out.

First of all, you need to have a fairly deep understanding of the characteristics of the types of activities of the enterprise, understand all the processes that take place - economic, professional and financial, have the necessary level of knowledge and the ability to put them into practice. It’s absolutely not enough to write in the application “I’ll buy a ready-made business in Kiev” and reap the winner’s laurels.

Undoubtedly, our best specialists will always be happy to help you, but you yourself will have to delve into the economic background of the acquired business in order to successfully and profitably manage it. Our regular customers take advantage of the provision of operational consulting services for those enterprises that were acquired with our participation.

Those who used our services will have a great small business and all the documents necessary for it in a few days later.


  • 1) independent valuation of the company;
  • 2) drawing up a plan for future development;
  • 3) search for a suitable option;
  • 4) conducting a financial audit and verification of the economic activity of the enterprise;
  • 5) in-depth analysis of expert assessment and determination of the oval state of affairs at the company;
  • 6) full legal support and financial security;
  • 7) negotiations and representation in all structures involved in the process of buying a business.


  • 1) original charter;
  • 2) extract from EDRPOU;
  • 3) minutes of the meeting of founders on the appointment of the head of the company;
  • 4) certificate from statistical authorities on types of economic activity;
  • 5) certificate of tax registration.


Buying a ready-made business, you expand the scope of your entrepreneurial activity, practically creating nothing and absolutely no risk, because the Legal Solutions company takes care of all these issues, and you are guaranteed to get an existing business, which all financial risks are reduced to zero by the efforts of our lawyers.

This service is performed in several stages:

  • 1) Search for an option that meets the requirements of the client;
  • 2) negotiation of the sale price;
  • 3) market monitoring for the competitiveness of this type of activity;
  • 4) specialist advice on the proper conduct of business;
  • 5) drawing up a long-term plan for the development of the enterprise;
  • 6) Professional study of the features of the transaction with the seller and the buyer.


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