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We also work in the following countries:

Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, UK, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Seychelles, Belize and etc.

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Registration of public organization

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

That plugs in itself this service:

We provide a help on all key stages of registration of Your organization. Our skilled command gives such services, as:

  • free consultation on any questions;
  • literate preparation of all necessary documentation for logining of organization;
  • directly registration of establishment in the management of justice;
  • adding of the registered organization is to SSR;
  • making of printing;
  • appropriation of organization of status unprofitable.

We are a correct and reliable choice. Why?

At a legal company "Legal Solution" after a back large experience in the decision of questions of legal character. We are a guarantor of quality and skilled help, that a long ago occupies one of higher and respected places among legal companies. The state is neat in accordance with rigorisms to the competence, all employees possess imposing experience on helping in the receipt of permissive documentation. We un simply render the row of the clearly regulated services, but also we are divided by the works with clients.

A calmness and confidence of client always cost on the first place for us. Legal questions quite often cause a headache for beginning businessmen. Plenty of ideas so not found the material embodiment from difficult procedures that is required by the legislative system. In order that Your idea came true and developed, overcoming all legal barriers, our company comes forward.

For what is there such service?

You engage in the business jointly with other citizens, for the achievement of the put aims. Time to broaden, improve and pass to the qualitatively new level, attract more like-minded persons came. All of it conduces to the necessity of official registration of Your activity. But, all these paper businesses the simply dark forest for an unprepared man. In such here situation it is necessary to resort to our help. We will prompt, how to do everything literate and without the special efforts.

Your organization will be able to defend the rights and interests on absolutely legal grounds only in case that officially registered. In all difficulties with legislative acts, in registration of legal documentation and other submarine stones that can arise up, you will be helped by our company. We will provide effective work on co-operating with state structures. For itself, you must differentiate all activity, in the plan of registration of organization, on a few stages.

The first is an acceptance of that idea, that for the improvement of life it is necessary to carry out the row of certain actions. For example, determined how organization will function, on what facilities and possibilities. All these working moments are determined by a constituent assembly, on that such physical persons, as members of initiative group of creation of public organization, are present.

Made decision (decision about creation, choice of kind and type of activity, appropriation of status of legal entity) entered in the minutes that will be in the general package of documents. All these documents will be presented to the state recorder.

The next stage will be drafting of Charter of Your organization. It one of major documents, and, at his drafting it is necessary to show a maximal attentiveness. Importance consists in that when a recorder will bring in organization in Register, he will study every point of Your charter attentively, but an improperly-shaped document can become reason of refuse in registration. In Charter positions join about creation, activity and dismissal or restructuring of public association register.

A recorder attentively studies all documents of persons interested officially to confess his organization public. Then expounds the decision in the executed order, registers in the Single register of public organizations all data about new organization and, most pleasant, gives on hands to the founders or confidence person testifying to registrations and copy of charter with a corresponding mark from the State register.

Necessary documents:

From the founders of physical persons of residents :

  • copy of passport (copies of all filled pages);
  • copy of identification code.

From the founders of physical persons of non-residents:

  • copy of foreign passport (copies of all filled pages);
  • copy of identification code (if I am in a presence).

Our company also can help you in the receipt of identification code in case of his absence.

Information required during registration of public organization :

  • Name of legal entity in Ukrainian language (additional languages are possible to your notice);
  • Location of organization;
  • Telephones of organization;
  • Specific of public organization (aims, tasks);
  • Percent division of stakes of charter capital;
  • Names of Head/of President (executive branch);
  • Common amount of founders, pin data of the indicated persons (their amount is limited to the minimum are two men).

The founders of public organization are physical persons. If founders are legal entities - a public union is created.

Duration of process - 5-7 days. If to do without appropriating of ОО status of legal entity procedure will occupy 5 working days. Upon completion of registration you get an extract from the State register of public organizations, copy of Charter with the mark of registration service and certificate. If there is a necessity, it is possible to make printing. This procedure is optional in accordance with a legislation. Getting an extract from Register, you get all grounds to score first in a bank.

Upon termination of registration you find such documents:

  • extract with SSR;
  • charter of organization;
  • protocol about creation of organization;
  • order about setting of leader;
  • certificate from the management of statistics (if necessary);
  • printing of society;
  • certificate about bringing of organization in the register of unprofitable.

As undifficult to notice, registration is a question requiring skilled competent approach of specialists. For us is not difficult to help on this business. We can qualitatively make regulation documentation, go round all subtleties of process and accelerate registration of Your establishment. Therefore necessarily will pay attention to the services given by us.

That public organization got status Allukrainian, it is needed necessarily to carry out registration of the isolated subdivision in fourteen areas.

We, because:

Our command plugs in itself experience and competent lawyers that with lightness prepare quality legal documentation. They will control the way of passing of papers on all instances. Taking advantage of our services, you will get rid from walking about cabinets, incudation of turns, eternal interruptions on dinner, superfluous experiencing and puzzling over incomprehensible law terms.

Stages of Work with a client:

  1. Receipt of request from a client.
  2. Personal meeting, consideration of possible variants of opening of organization.
  3. Pre-pay is produced 50.
  4. After the grant of necessary documents we prepare them on registration of organization.
  5. Directly registration of organization in the management of justice, being registered in all necessary organs;
  6. Bringing of organization is in SSR;
  7. Making of printing;
  8. Transmission of all documents and printing to the clients.
  9. Receipt of 50pre-payment;
  10. Subscription of documents about not profitability;
  11. Registration in a tax status of unprofitable organization;
  12. Transmission of certificate about not profitability.


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