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The essence of the concept of "condominium" is the joint ownership of real estate by several entities. Translated from the Latin con means "together", dominium - "possession". Condominiums can be formed in homes with two or more owners. This form assumes ownership of real estate at the same time on the basis of the right of separate ownership (apartment) and common share ownership (ladders, dips, attics, building engineering equipment and other public facilities).

In Ukraine, condominiums are represented by associations of co-owners of apartment buildings. Such associations began to appear in 1992, when the privatization of housing began, and as of the end of 2017, there were already about 27 thousand. Today, associations are an alternative to public utilities.

The tenants are primarily interested in creating an association of co-owners of an apartment building. Their main goals are to receive high-quality utilities, improve living conditions, ensure timely repair of non-residential premises and communications, optimize the costs of maintaining the house and the adjacent territory. The highest governing body of the condominium is a meeting of residents.

The procedure for creating condominiums is governed by the law on the unification of the owners of an apartment building, the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on the implementation of this law.

Ukrainian law spelled out the right of owners of residential and non-residential premises to choose the form of management of the common property of an apartment building. In this form of control is allowed to change.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of services provided by housing and communal services, or you want to make all important decisions independently with other residents, there is always the possibility to register condominiums. This process is long and laborious. Qualified specialists of Legal Solutions legal company will help you to solve any problems associated with the registration of a condominium. Having ordered a complex of services from us, you will receive a ready legal entity and a package of documents necessary for its functioning.


  • Creating an initiative group. The group should include at least three owners of residential and non-residential premises. The group conducts explanatory work with residents, prepares a draft charter, organizes a constituent assembly, searches for candidates for management positions.
  • Constituent Assembly. All participants of the meeting no later than 14 days are notified of the fact of its holding, as well as of the time, place, agenda. The decision to create a condominium is considered accepted if more than half of the tenants were present at the meeting and at least 2/3 of them voted to form an association of the co-owners of the apartment building. The charter is approved at the constituent assembly.
  • Official registration of the association. It is produced in the district state administration, by a notary or a person with the functions of a state registrar.

The condominium representative shall provide the registrar with the following documents:

  • application for registration;
  • charter;
  • Minutes of the constituent assembly;

From the moment of registration, the consolidation of co-owners of an apartment is considered to be created and acquires the status of a legal entity.

  • Making a stamp.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Registration of an association in a pension fund, employment fund, regional social insurance and labor protection funds.

AFTER REGISTRATION consolidation of co-owners of an apartment building APPLICANT RECEIVES THIS PACKAGE OF DOCUMENTS:

  • Charter and protocol.
  • Order of appointment of the head.
  • Extract from the state register.
  • The decision of the tax inspectorate to include in the register of non-profit organizations.
  • The seal.


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