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A company “Legal Solutions” renders assistance in questions, related to disagreements on a custom.

A lawyer on custom disagreements will give to you support at the protection of rights, decision of dispute, arising up at crossing of border, or import/export of commodity, to declaration of products, and also in challenging of illegal actions of custom.

Services rendered on custom questions:

  • it is Advising of the lawyers on questions, related to custom disagreements;
  • it is Complete accompaniment during consideration of business, касаемо an administrative crime in judicial bodies;
  • it is Presentation and defence of client-side in a court during consideration of disagreements of custom character;
  • it is Challenging of illegal actions of custom service and solicitor about payment of custom payments;
  • it is Support and helping in the matters of return of custom payments;
  • it is Helping in businesses, касаемо the return of the commodity confiscated by custom service;
  • it is Legal examination of all documentation (contracts, negotiable and other instruments);
  • it is Creation and registration of projects of agreements of external economic contracts;
  • it is Analysis of legitimacy of actions and acts of custom service and her personnel;
  • it is Account and return of surpluses, or penalty of custom payments;
  • it is Finding out the risks bound by a custom at an export/import of commodity;
  • it is Presentation of client-side at the return of the confiscated commodities.

Why we:

The lawyers of legal company "Legal Solutions" possess enormous practice and due to the individual going near every situation of client able to find an exit almost in every case that appeared on the way of client during realization of foreign economic activity and passing of procedures of custom. To produce foreign economic activity far more difficult, than entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine. From you knowledge of basic principles on that foreign economic activity and work of custom are built will be required.

In this area an enormous great number is set of details, relating to custom procedures. It is able to cause the great number of misunderstanding at filling of documentation at legal entities. In order that your foreign economic activity successfully worked and there were not disagreements on a custom, the best of all to appeal for help highly skilled lawyers that work in a company "Legal Solutions".

Our specialists are ready to render to you literate and skilled support in area of foreign economic activity, and also custom right.

The lawyers of legal company "Legal Solutions" are ready to offer to you the services:

  • it is Grant of consultations on situations, a custom right, and also questions on transportation of products through a custom border in export, imported, transit, or in the mode of temporal cartful;
  • it is Rendering support in drafting of the required package of documents that will be required in an order to transport a commodity through the Ukrainian border;
  • are the Legal decisions of disagreements with a custom, related to custom registration;
  • it is Registration of different queries of legal character for rapid permission of custom disagreements;
  • it is Challenging awarded judgement and actions of custom service systematization of products in obedience, custom cost of commodities, duty and VAT, cards of refuse in custom registration of loads;
  • it is Challenging of decisions, actions (absence of actions) of public servants of custom authorities through an administrative and judicial order;
  • it is Assistance in businesses on a return, put of surpluses of the propaid duties and other obligatory payments;
  • it is Consultative support in questions on the currency adjusting;
  • it is the Legal analysis, drafting of documentation (outwardly-economic contracts, agreements of delivery, agreements of storage, commercial and other documents);
  • it is Determination of legitimacy of actions and acts of custom service, along with her personnel;
  • it is Providing of advising,work of the licensed storages of custom and custom ferrymen.

Algorithm of providing service:

  • Grant of the professional advising on all nascent questions;
  • Assistance at preparation and to the correct filling of all documentation;
  • An assistance is in application of different tariff and untariff mechanisms, to settle Your foreign economic activity;
  • Assistance in arranging for all payments on a border;
  • Help in classification of commodities of Your foreign economic activity;
  • Assistance at violation of rules, realization of spores with a custom high-level.
Documents that is got by a client - it is Decreet about the appeal of administrative decision.


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