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Food flavorings include food flavorings in some quantities, and there are very few exceptions. The state controls the activities of enterprises that produce such additives. They need to be registered, since such substances can have a negative effect on human health when they enter the body with food. This procedure is mandatory for every new food product that the manufacturer launches on the market. Obtaining a certificate of registration certifies the safety of the product. You can go through the registration yourself or get legal support from Legal Solutions specialists


We help many food companies avoid penalties for using unregistered food additives, motivating them to go through the legal registration process. At the first consultation, we will provide a list of necessary documents and list the allowed food additives in Ukraine, each of which is assigned an international code. The Ministry of Health is participating in the approval of the list of supplements. Numerous studies are being conducted on their effects on the body, especially for children. Some additives permitted in some countries are prohibited in others. The leader in their content is the products of the confectionery industry, in demand among children.

If necessary, we will attract specialists in this field who will explain how to replace a dangerous additive with its safer analogue. We strive to help our clients legalize all aspects of doing business without losing a lot of time.


  • 1) improve your business reputation;
  • 2) avoid fines;
  • 3) compete on equal terms with European markets.

All these factors contribute to the fact that we have a growing number of customers who are involved in the food industry and want to sell not only tasty and nutritious, but also healthy foods without chemicals.

The deadlines for the state registration of sanitary facilities allow your business not to stand idle for too long. But in any case, independent collection and submission of documents will last longer. So now call us or write. The lawyer will answer your questions and offer a suitable scheme of cooperation.


For operational communication, a chat bot works where you can briefly describe the problem and order a call back. ALSO YOUR SERVICES E-MAIL. A SPECIALIST WILL WORK WITH YOU:

  • having experience in this area;
  • Knowing the specifics of issuing permits in the food industry;
  • versed in sanitary standards for different types of products.

He quickly responds to any changes in legislation that are happening now in Ukraine constantly. Ask a specialist personally for a list of documents; we do not recommend using information from the Internet. Many data is outdated, you have to send or personally send the required paper.


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