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Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, UK, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Seychelles, Belize and etc.

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Audit of the financial reporting

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

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What does this service consist of?

Audit of book-keeping and financial reporting of organization, or businessman according to the requirements of IFRS..

The primary objective of public accountant verification that makes up according to the international standards of the financial reporting (IFRS) is development of faithful conclusion about accordance of indexes in the financial statements of firm in the total her activity and moving of monetary resources for period covered, according to rules and templates of IFRS.

Why is it needed to choose exactly us?

  • We pick up the most suitable for you decision of help to business.
  • For us large experience of collaboration with the customers of different levels and tasks of different kinds, beginning from large firms, whose securities are estimated on exchanges, state enterprises, ending new firms, where a proprietor and leader are a the same person.
  • It is most important for us - to help our clients to heave up their business.
  • We know that the best quality is provided by highly skilled specialists.
  • Our employees are faithful to principles of business decency, professional ethics, therefore in case of occurring of some questions we apply for elucidations to the client, in case of difficulty to render a skilled help to him.

For whom and why this service?

Every company will promote the status among partners on business and possible investors, if she will have a public accountant conclusion about the financial reporting, make up in obedience to IFRS.

Verification of authenticity of the financial (book-keeping) reporting of audited person in part of reflection of financial position and results of financially-economic activity upon the certain date, pursuant to the legislation of Ukraine. The generally accepted understanding of audit is forming of independent and reasonable opinion of veracity and legality of accounting control of enterprise. Our specialists provide information not only on violations of the financial reporting, but also give to recommendation on optimization of functioning of business, financial risks and to protecting from a swindle.

We work combining an audit and detailed consultation. Originally we regulate with a customer purposefulness and area in that will be used results of audit. For us main, it is interest of client, all principle of our work is thereon founded. For most efficiency of public accountant verification, we suggest to produce verifications stably, one time per a quarter, where besides verifications, customers get permanent consultation. Like co-operation helps the proprietors of company clearly to understand the financial state and риски of company.

Besides a public accountant conclusion, you get the detailed report it is reflected in that :

  • it is Description and research of rejections, shortages, and also recommendation for their correction;
  • it is description of legal position on doubtful moments;
  • are data about zones and/or credible surpluses in payment and supplies.
  • Due to our irreproachable literate and business reputation, a grant of services of public accountant will be Your step to the financial heights.
  • That from you is needed?
  • are primary documents that touch the checked up period;
  • are reports for the last year;
  • it is access to the base of registering (1С);
  • it is access to the programs of serve of accounting.

The Monetary resources that were spent as a result of public accountant verification are specified in the number of charges. It will allow to include them you at the take-outs of income taxes.

Clients order public accountant verification in an order to make sure of loyalty of reports and secure it self from tax risks. Conduct an audit - and be quiet for your business!

After an audit you get a public accountant conclusions, and it will allow:

  • to See the objective picture of financial and economic activity of company;
  • to Interest investors and creditors for a collaboration in future;
  • to Form a plan, having prospects on the conduct of economic and money activity;
  • to direct the required data in a tax;
  • to execute the main requirements of the financial reporting : to authenticity, neutrality, integrity, importance, comparableness and sequence.

Algorithm of actions :

  • Address to our company;
  • Realization of meeting with the competent employees of our company;
  • Free analysis of situation, decision of her complication;
  • Conclusion of treaty on services, decision of order of calculations;
  • Realization of preliminary payment;
  • Collection of necessary information for realization of audit;
  • Receipts of result of audit with the detailed elucidation;
  • Final calculation for the got services.

Additionally, we render:

  • - Services in renewal, raising and conduct of бухучета, registration of the financial reporting, Realization of consultations on a book-keeping, automation of бухучета;
  • - it is Realization of consultations on a tax, raising, renewal and conduct of the fiscal accounting, registration of tax calculations and declarations;
  • - it is Research of financially-economic activity;
  • - Services of lawyer (advising, defending of interests is in the civil and administrative rule-making, in the tax and custom legal relationships of and other).


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