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Confirmation of citizenship of child

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.
of 15

working days

Confirmation of citizenship of child it one of legal procedures, the result of that will be registration of child as a citizen of Ukraine, if for this procedure there are enough rights.

Confirmation of citizenship of child gives a right to his parents, citizens of another state, or to the persons by not possessing citizenship, to design a residential permit in Ukraine (permanent kind on a residence in Ukraine). On expiration of five years of continuous residence in Ukraine a right appears on the receipt of citizenship of Ukraine.

Of what services of our company consist:

  • It is Advising on any nascent questions, касаемо the process of confirmation of citizenship of child;
  • It is Development of complete package of documentation, that will be required in an order to confirm citizenship to the child;
  • Are Services of notary (Paid separately);
  • It is Presentation of client-side in all establishments.

Why we?

A migratory right is one of basic directions of activity of legal company "Legal Solutions". And that is why employees of our company operatively, qualitatively, complex and professionally will give all complex of services related to confirmation of citizenship of child.

On what right it is possible to carry out registration:

  • It is Birth, or the continuous residence of child came true on territory of UKRAINE;
  • In case if father, mother, or a grandfather, grandmother, were born, or lived continuously in UKRAINE;
  • Child was born in Ukraine after Augusts, 24, 1991 and not naturalized at birth.

A child has a right to get Ukrainian citizenship, if he is a foreigner, or quite not possesses citizenship, and in an address him obligations are carried out, касаемо completion of citizenship of other country (item 8 Law "On citizenship of Ukraine").

In the case when a child was not sixteen years ago, then testifying is recorded him to belonging to citizenship of Ukraine.

This certificate have limitations on an action - At persons, whose age 7 more than, a certificate is actual to the moment of execution of 16th anniversary;

That requires to be given in an order to confirm citizenship of child:

  • Statement-questionnaire about the decision of belonging in Ukrainian citizenship;
  • Are Photos, in an amount two things, measuring a 3,5*4,5 cm (if child older 7);
  • At choice document, that gives a right on that, to confirm Ukrainian citizenship: Declaration indicative, that a person does not have citizenship in other country (if a person does not have citizenship)
  • Solicitor about completion of citizenship (given by the citizens of other country);
  • Declaration that a person renounces citizenship in other country (be under an obligation to give persons in status of refugees, or those, who Ukraine gave refuge);
  • Solicitor, regards changing of citizenship, birth certificate child, passport documents of parents, testifying to celebration of marriage.
  • In case of occurring of situation, applicant must explain, or specify some moments.

As citizenship of child is confirmed

Representative operating on legal grounds, that can play role of parent, guardian, or a trustee must direct solicitor on naturalized of Ukraine of child. The organs of GMS engage in the reception of documentation, together with delivery of certificates. Applying is necessary in an organ, according to Your place of stay. Then, since on the directed query approval will be accepted, the organ of GMS is give out a certificate containing all data in language of Ukraine.

The last name, name, patronymic, date and birth-place, is indicated in documents, citizenship, personal number of citizen, sexual belonging, date of receipt and completion of his action, is on what founding got.

A certificate must be given out to the declarant in time, not exceeding 30 days, from the moment of handing over of all documents. Confirmation of citizenship for a child occupies 15 working days.

Algorithm of work:

  • It is Providing of advising to the client regard the moments related to confirmation of citizenship of Ukraine for a child;
  • Client gives all required documents;
  • Our company prepares all documents from the side;
  • It is Dispatch of documentation in ОМС;
  • Specialists of our company get certificates and pass to him the client.
Concomitant services - it is a temporal residential permit in Ukraine.


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