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Changing of founders

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

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If you do not possess information concerning changing of founder in LTD., then you can appeal to us after to the operative and quality help in this question.

In the field of business, changing of founder is considered very meaningful and necessary service to that businessmen come running quite often. Usually it takes place because the participant of legal entity decides independently to abandon LTD. or firm other organizationally - legal form. Then he must think, that it will take place with his stake in the charter capital of company. She can be passed, sell, give or present. But can happen and such, that other founders decide to show a participant out of composition.

That is included in base service?

Due to to the circumstance that we try complex to walk up to any problem, our clients get the best result only. That the change of founder went well, we:

  • we Conduct professional consultations that allow anymore to know procedures about all aspects. We will not only tell to you, as procedure of changing passes but also will explain how to enter a founder in LTD.;
  • we Prepare all necessary documents and give them in public organs for you;
  • we Get new Charter of Your company;
  • we Pass to you documentation personally in hands;
  • Remember that procedure of exit from membership of founders of LTD. is conducted by the real professionals that study the not first year this question..

Why we?

  • Employees of company "Legal Solution" conduct for every client of consultation, during what you will be able to understand procedure on changing of founders, understand it is needed for what, that for this purpose it is needed to do;
  • For us you will find really moderate prices on all offered services.
  • Our employees have large enough experience in the field of corporate law, therefore you can repose in that this procedure will pass quickly and without problems;
  • We try quickly to decide any problem set the before us.

In order that this procedure passed effectively, a presence is required decision from a founder or those participants that also enter in the complement of company. Do not forget to give in a public organ a check that will be the fact of payment of obligatory duty;

The process of changing of founders in LTD. takes place quickly enough. But problems can appear on the stage of selection of documentation, if you operate independently.

In detail about service

Collection of founders of legal entity is his leading organ of rule. Participants are conferred the right acceptance of important decisions that influence to work of company and her development. And a decision on changing of composition of founders is included in their number.

During work of company, it is often necessary to conduct an exception from membership of founders of LTD. of that participant that brakes development of business in one or another direction. Some founders go out composition of own free will, coming from the personal reasons.

Interesting is a variant of exit of participant from a company by the sale of the stake. But it is here important not to forget to sign the agreement of purchase are sales or to write a statement about an exit to notarize him notarial. In Law of Ukraine №64 it is described "About economic societies", that, if a founder not to a full degree executes the obligations or partly brakes development of all company, then he can be shown out of membership of founders.

How to go out from membership of founders or change composition independently?

If you do not want to apply for help to the professional lawyers, then can try to conduct all procedure independently. A change of founders is a simple enough process, but he sometimes requires from the man of spending of plenty of time and forces. you will have:

  • to Notify founders about a decision to abandon a company (if you made decision to go out from composition). It must be created in writing and to be notarized notarial;
  • to Conduct collection of founders, if you decided force to show anybody out of composition. On collection protocol is necessarily created;
  • to Collect all required documents and give them in a public organ. Note should be taken on that some documentation will need to be notarized for a notary;
  • to Pay all necessary collections and duties, give the got receipt about payment to the state recorder.

In case if you do not possess information on the change of founders LTD., company "Legal Solution"with gladness you will help! Ring to us!

Necessary documents from a client:

  • Copies of passports and identification numbers of new founders;
  • Old Charter.

Pay attention, every participant of company can at discretion use the stake in a charter capital. She can be bequeathed, pass, give, sell, present during an exit from the list of entries (it is possible to do and with part of stake).

Changing of founders LTD.: necessary information from a client:

  • What part of corporate laws and who passed to by a founder;
  • Documents got upon completion;
  • New release of Charter;
  • Certificate that is given out by Management of statistics (not necessarily);
  • Protocol that confirms procedure of changing of composition (we do);
  • Statement or agreement on the transmission (to the sale) of part of company (we prepare).

Algorithm of work:

  • Get Request from a client;
  • Specify all nuances on a task;
  • Get 50 pre-pay;
  • On the basis of the given documents and information we develop all necessary documents on changing of founders;
  • Conduct re-registering and notify all necessary organs;
  • Pass to all documents the client;
  • Get 50% payments for the conducted procedure.


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