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In order that changing of director in Kyiv passed without problems, it is needed clearly to imagine how exactly to conduct this procedure. This service is considered really popular in the environment of businessmen today, in fact with her help it is possible fully to change development of company. Usually the directors of firm change at once after replacement of her founders. If you want to get rapid and easy realization of procedure, will appeal for help to the professionals.

There is changing of director in LTD.: that is included?

  • Professional consultation that will help you it is better to understand all subtleties of realization of procedure.
  • We will prepare all necessary documents for registration of change.
  • We will conduct registration in a public organ.

Why we?

  • With our help you will be able to reduce to the minimum the terms that is needed for the change of leader.
  • A company "Legal Solution" differs in long-term experience exactly in this area of legal services, and also presence of really professional command.
  • We offer an accessible cost on all services, therefore you can repose in that able a bit to economize.
  • Changing of director LTD. in Ukraine will pass quickly and without problems, in fact for us specialists work exactly in this area.
  • We studied all parties of this service many years, then to offer to the clients only positive result.

Changing of director of enterprise : description

To change the leader of company, it is necessary to conduct registration of this process at the Tax inspection and in SSR. Without these stages procedure will be considered unfinished and, accordingly, illegal. Changing of director LLC in Kyiv is a labour intensive process that it is better to entrust to the professionals.

Exactly a director is one of the biggest post guns on any enterprise. All criminal and administrative responsibility lies exactly on him, he is under an obligation to report before public organs for the got and spent finances. Depending on what in Your company structure of executive branch of power, the type of leader can change.

At the change of leader of company it is necessary necessarily to advise tax service about it, for avoidance of approvals.

The choice of executive branch takes place during the first collection of founders. If the participants of firm wish, then a director can sign an agreement on employment. Usually duties and rights for a leader register in this document.

Usually founders wish to change a director, if his work is un effective. There are cases, when a leader wishes to go away from position of own free will. Then his decision must be prescribed in the special protocol. In this document it is also necessary to name the date of discharge of leader and signing of agreement with other.

Advantages and features

Changing of leader of enterprise is a very simple and rapid process. Exactly it and it is possible to name main advantage of this service. You will need to collect the small package of documentation (in particular, notes of the general meeting on that it was made decision to change a director) only.


  1. Commercial Code of Ukraine.
  2. Civil Code of Ukraine.
  3. Law "On state registration of legal and physical persons-businessmen".

In detail about service

Because this procedure is aimed at that, fully to change the way of development of company, then she is important enough for the founders of enterprises. It is possible to name very much most different reasons on that a change is conducted :

  • The own desire to go away from position.
  • Abandonment from the post of leader on the personal reasons.
  • Un effective work of director in opinion of founders.

It is very important to remember that changing of director of firm not simple formality, to this process it is needed to suit with all seriousness. If a leader will change, then, probably, all course of development and activity of company will change. If a director went away of own free will, it is not needed to tighten with a serve to documentation in registration organs, because sometimes the ill-timed reacting can result in worsening of relationships with partners and consumers.

How to change a director Limit liability company?

If you decided independently to conduct all procedure on registration of new leader of firm, pay attention, that every stage of process is important. None of them it is impossible to skip or do too late, if you wish, that the change of director went well.

  • At first it is necessary to conduct common collection of company promoters, on that made decision about the change of leader. On him protocol is necessarily filled. Do not forget to prepare orders for the discharge of old director and assigning for his place new, and also registration map №4. Protocol must be signed by all founders.
  • Give the package of necessary documentation in a public organ. In ЕГР must you give out an extract, where information is described about a new leader. Get a certificate from Management of statistics.
  • In a bank you must conduct procedure of replacement of credit cards on new with the signature of Your new director.

As You see, an order of changing of director in LTD. is difficult enough, it is therefore better to appeal for help to the professionals.

Necessary documents for changing of director :

  • Protocol in that a decision is described about changing of leader (we prepare);
  • Order that confirms a decision about setting of new director (we prepare);
  • Warrant (we prepare);
  • Passport and number of registration of director.

Necessary information from a client:

  • Date of discharge of director and assigning for his place new.

Documents got upon completion:

  • Inventory with an unique number about changing of director;.
  • Extract that is given out by a recorder;
  • Protocol about changing of director;
  • Order about discharges and setting of director.

Algorithm of work :

  1. We get Request from a client;
  2. We specify all nuances on a task;
  3. We get 50 pre-pay;
  4. On the basis of the given documents and information we develop all necessary documents on changing of leader of firm;


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