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Dissolving a firm (ltd.) Through sale

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working days

Elimination through the sale of corporate rights - a complex process that requires the involvement of qualified specialists and considerable time saving. The traditional method is the elimination of the enterprise by the decision of the owners or by court order. However, when the task is to stop economic activities as soon as possible, the best option is the rapid elimination. The essence of this type of elimination is reduced to the rapid change of the participants, the enterprise managers, the acquisition of the new owners of the rights of business management, the code of the legal entity is not excluded from the registry.

What is a service for rapid elimination:

  • Analysis of the situation, documents our specialists, free customer consultation;
  • Formation of a full package of documents for the change of ownership and officials of the enterprise;
  • Transfer of a legal entity to the new owners by writing an application or signing a contract of sale of the legal entity, notarization of such actions;
  • State registration: on the basis of pre-formed documents state registrar being replaced the owner and head of the company, if necessary, is also possible to change the type of activity of the enterprise, the enterprise legal address, name, phone;
  • Preparation of constituent documents (charter, extract) with amended;
  • Transfer Printing Support, stamps, primary documentation, reporting to the new owner of the enterprise on the act of reception and transmission.

Why us?

  • Our experts can arrange a procedure for the provision of this service in such a way that the date of filing a client and its processing to the time of registration of the agreement on the transfer of businesses in the notary will not pass more than a day;
  • Operational search for new owners, both residents and non-residents, and the new owners are characterized by extreme reliability;
  • High quality service and competitive price of the service.

For whom and why this service?

The service is intended for the rapid elimination of the owners in which there is an urgent need to end its participation in a legal entity with minimal losses for themselves and without further liability for the activities of the company.

The name of this type of service speaks for itself. There is no faster way to legitimate terminate its participation in a legal entity for the owner or the company's management. The essence of the rapid elimination is reduced to the transition of the enterprise and its legal personality to the other owners, which together with the new management will be responsible for the company's activities.

How does the process of liquidation Express.

The starting point is a - Preparation of documents on termination of membership and exit of businesses (statement of withdrawal from the founders and the transfer of corporate rights), drawing up the contract of purchase and sale of rights on enterprise management. These documents are subject to mandatory notarization. The next step is the introduction of new data on the owner, manager of the enterprise (if necessary, address, phone) the state registrar. After the change of ownership of the said actions are communicated state fiscal service agencies, statistics and pension fund. It should be noted that the average length of all these steps is three working days.

Complicating enterprise termination procedure the presence of debts to the budget to the counterparties, the availability of employees, active work of the company for the past three years, the availability of open bank accounts opened by the executive, criminal proceedings. However, our experts always find a way out of any situation. Aggravating factors affect the price of the service.

Also on the choice of the customer can choose to read the direction of resident or non-resident, the number of new founders, new address, change the phone name.

It should be noted that the implementation of the liquidation Ltd. through the sale has not been accompanied by checks by controlling bodies. We note again that the responsibility for future activities will be borne by the new managers and owners of the enterprise.

Express liquidation

What to you is necessary for the elimination Ltd. through the sale of corporate rights:

  • The documents based on which the company operates (the extract or certificate of state registration, charter);
  • Personal founding documents;
  • The original reference statistics;
  • Help form 4-OPP (if available)
  • Reference statistics;
  • Certificate of VAT payer or single tax.

In the case of lack of time and funds for liquidation of the company through bankruptcy procedures or by a decision of the owners, the existence of the need for early change of the founders and officials of the enterprise, the best option is to sell the rights to manage the entity to other owners, that is 100% legal process and is not a violation legislation.


  • The customer goes to our company with a full statement of the situation, then there is the analysis of the material provided and the conclusion of a contract for services;
  • Transmission Customer constituent documents, personal documents of the founders, the head and chief accountant of the procedure changes the participants of the enterprise;
  • Implementation of the action certifying the transfer of corporate rights by a notary;
  • Submission of documents and conduct of the state registrar of changes in the companies register;
  • The final stage: the issuance of the charter and extract the new owners.


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