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Registration of religious organization

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

Our lawyers in the earliest possible dates will organize procedure of registration of religious organization and will give such services as:

  • including necessary development of all brief-case of documents different protocols, in accordance with the required rules;
  • help in the process of registration of charter of religious organization;
  • registration of legal entity;
  • accompaniment is in the receipt of confirmative documentation;
  • help in the successful appropriation of status of unprofitable organization with the serve of data in necessary services;
  • the detailed consultation is related to the conduct of work on organization.

Different religious organizations successfully enough conduct work in our country and are a few different types that serve for the association of people with certain necessities related to their dogma, and in addition they are able to give religious education. Lawyers of "Legal Solution" render assistance in the process of registration of religious organization, to design her charter and accelerate passing of all procedures, saving your time here.

In Ukraine formed a REALTOR for possibility of people to hear the confession and bring over other people to the certain faith, they submit to the certain rules and hierarchy. A REALTOR can collect and take away a personnel in accordance with the accepted positions.

There are next types: religious communities, managements, monasteries, different missions, educational organizations, in addition connection of different types is assumed in one.

Religious community it is organization deployed in what that certain region and unites in itself the people of the same direction in a faith. Such type of association is the voluntarily appeal of people for satisfaction of the desires.

Religious managements submit to the positions that must be necessarily registered.

On the whole religious managements and centers are an association of shallow associations the organizers of that are private persons.

It is important to pay attention - creation of community does not imply obligatory registration. She can exist without a charter and positions. But in case of her official registration she gets far greater freedom of actions.

For past time Europe began to pay attention to development of democracy in Ukraine, also the questions of right of conscience and religion began to pay attention on itself. Religion of Ukraine develops quickly, mostly development is observed on a south and west, where the population of different nations lives. In the last projects of amendments in laws, initiatives were brought in regarding registration of status of legal entity by means.

The cases of trials in a court, related to registration of charters of religious organizations that ran into limitations of bureaucracy and protracted process of registration, are frequent.

Begins to rid of burden for politicized of processes of religion and moves to meet to freedom of every person in regard to his religious persuasion. It talks that only possible way European.

At procedure of registration it is necessary to have:

  • passport, ITN of every founder - physical person (number a man can not be less than
  • ten), along with the documents of participants of Rule and review broker's;
  • name of REALTOR (the best of all to pick up a few variants);
  • a site of organization/is the Legal address (The address of registration of one of members, or real site of office, agreement on a lease, buying a legal address back, will suit);
  • information about participants (Full name, year of birth, place of residence, information about work and position).

Legal entities - founders are under an obligation to give additional documents:

  • extract from SSR;
  • charters, last protocols;
  • protocol (Decision) about convocation of the Supreme body of management (we can do we);
  • protocol (Decision) of the Supreme body of management, that granted permission on creation of religious organization (we can do we);
  • protocol (Decision or Order), confirmative the duties of man possessing authority to sign;

On completion of procedure of registration, for you on hands it will be:

  • extract from ЕГР of legal/physical entities - businessmen;
  • testifying to legalization of REALTOR;
  • charter notarized;
  • certificate from NSRUEO;
  • printing.

Documents can be examined during three months. On occasion the conclusion of experts about positions of charter and conclusion of local organs of management will be required maybe. It is therefore recommended with maximal responsibility to behave to maintenance of charter, during registration not to run into the row of superfluous questions.

Algorithm of procedure :

  1. We get Request from a client.
  2. We conduct the personal meeting with a client and choose optimal to registration of religious organization.
  3. We get 50pre-pay.
  4. We inquire necessary documents and information.
  5. On the basis of the given documents and information we develop all necessary documents on registration of religious organization.
  6. We register a company and put on an account in all necessary organs.
  7. We pass to all documents and printing the client.
  8. We get 50ост payments for the conducted procedure.


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