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Amazon continues to grow and develop, while at the same time, the opportunities for creating an e-commerce business through selling on the site are increasing.

Recent trends indicate that Amazon has a huge potential for e-commerce entrepreneurs. However, if you want to take advantage of these features, you must first go through the Amazon seller registration process.

In almost 100% of cases, e-commerce representatives need qualified legal assistance. Legal Solutions company offers its clients comprehensive support services for registering on Amazon.

We guarantee high quality of services, efficiency, expertise and individual approach. What's great about Amazon is that there is no one way to start a business. We have many ways to succeed on the platform.

Registering on Amazon: how do you get started?

Legal Solutions specialists will undertake the following tasks:

  1. Choosing a good business model.
  2. The choice of implementation method - FBA or FBM.
  3. Choice of products.
  4. Trademark registration
  5. Registering a seller on the platform.
  6. Choosing a good site.
  7. Collection of contact information required to create an account.
  8. Credit history check.

What business models do we help to register?

The range of our services related to the legal maintenance of the registration process on Amazon is almost limitless. We help clients to engage in e-commerce, regardless of the chosen model. We help register:

  • Trademark. This is the process of rebranding/renaming a product already under its own brand or label.
  • Wholesale. It is the practice of purchasing inexpensive or discounted goods in bulk to sell as individual units in the retail market.
  • Internet and/or retail arbitrage. Arbitrage is a method of finding low-priced or discounted items from brick-and-mortar retailers (or e-commerce sites) to resell online.
  • Dropshipping. This is a business model where an Amazon seller does not keep their own stock of goods, but passes their customers' orders directly to the manufacturer or supplier.
  • Handmade. Amazon handmade sellers are people who create their own products ("handmade") to sell on the marketplace.

No matter what type of goods you choose to trade, it is important to check whether there will be enough demand for such a product on the marketplace. To conduct a detailed analysis, we evaluate 2 criteria - products that are in maximum demand and competitiveness.

The process of registering on Amazon: the algorithm of our work

After completing the preparatory and organizational actions, the Legal Solutions specialists accompany the registration procedure, which consists of the following stages:

  1. Choosing the best account - individual or professional (if you are going to sell more than 40 products per month, it is best to register as a "professional". Even if you are selling as a hobby and do not consider yourself a professional, this plan will help you save money).
  2. Create an account.
  3. Indication of the type and location of the business. The location of your business is the country where your business is actually located. It is very important that this data is accurate and valid as Amazon will verify this.
  4. Choosing a business object (private, public business, charity, individual).
  5. Checking and entering personal data.
  6. Filling in the identification form.
  7. Choice of trading platform.
  8. Entering payment information.
  9. Adding product information.
  10. Passing the test. To do this, the seller needs to answer the questions: the name of the Amazon store (regardless of whether you have UPC codes for your product), whether you are the manufacturer and / or owner of the trademark of the goods you sell, if a trademark is registered for your product .
  11. Address verification.

We help clients protect their rights and assets, so we offer two-step verification in the account.

Consultations from the Legal Solutions best specialists

Legal support of registration on Amazon does not end with the creation and confirmation of an account. We help clients realize their business ideas and advise on the payment of commissions, in particular:

  • referral fees (the fee that Amazon takes as a commission for selling on its platform varies depending on the chosen category: in the range of 12-40%, most products have a referral commission of 15%);
  • per individual seller (fixed amount of $0.99);
  • FBA fees (covering shipping and handling costs for Amazon);
  • other Amazon payments.

Ukraine is included in the countries admitted to registration on Amazon. In order to be eligible to sell on Amazon as a business or individual, you need to have a certificate of business in Ukraine and a credit card with an international (currency) payment account. If you are going to sell on Amazon as an individual, you must be a resident of Ukraine or another country listed.

 If you want the registration process on Amazon to be fast, legal and reliable, order the support of Legal Solutions specialists. We know how to make your business successful and profitable!


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