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We also work in the following countries:

Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, UK, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Seychelles, Belize and etc.

Contact us now and get:

Receipt of identification number of taxpayer

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

In the list of our services it is plugged:

  • Preliminary study of the got documents and information.
  • Estimation of possibility of receipt of ITN;
  • Informative accompaniment of foreign citizen on every stage of passing of process;
  • Preparation of complete package of documents that is needed for the receipt of ITN;
  • Realization of works on the receipt of ITN in Government Fiscal service;
  • Help at registration of the necessary inquired certificates, during translation and services of notary (case of necessity).

Appeal exactly to us, because:

  • We independently engage in collection and preparation of package of documents. you will not need to stand in a line, our lawyers for you will get ITN;
  • For us registration of ITN is produced in minimum terms;
  • You will not run into additional questions and repeated filling of documents;
  • Our firm already more than six years works at this market of services;
  • All consultations free of charge;
  • The best estimation of our activity, positive reviews of our clients.
  • Delivery of ITN to the habitants of the foreign state regulated by the points of legislation of Ukraine "About the state register of physical persons - payers of taxes and another obligatory payments".

ITN is needed in a process, if you:

  • You plan to begin labour activity on territory of Ukraine;
  • You wish to enter in the complement of proprietors, or shareholders of legal entity;
  • A physical person wishing to register oneself as a businessman;
  • You plan to enter educational establishment;
  • You get a residential permit;
  • You design citizenship of Ukraine;
  • You open a bank account.

On Ukraine the card of physical person is used, she is destiny it is an account and registration of taxpayers, paying taxes, collections in the treasury of the state. Before such card was named an identification number.
That produces tax payment the card of physical person name an individual code, consisting of the State register and given out to the physical persons, making payment taxes, and also to the persons paying other obligatory payments.

State register of physical persons-taxpayers - is the automated database, where the single state account of physical persons that pay taxes is taken into account, and similarly other payments on account of the state.

In the State register can register oneself people all ages and citizenships.

List of documentation necessary for delivery of ITN:

  • Copy of passport;
  • Translating of passport into the Ukrainian language is notarized by a notary;
  • Notarized notarial warrant on a representative office for registration of ITN;
  • It is needed to take into account, if a warrant was recorded in other foreign state, it can be required to legalize, or apostilled this document;
  • ITN is part of the State register of physical persons-taxpayers, being combination from 10 numbers, where every number has the value:
    • First 5 numbers of ITN imply the date of your birth and make the number of days to your birthday, beginning counting out from 1.01.1990;
    • 9 a number implies sexual belonging. For the persons of men a number an odd number, for a woman, is even;
    • 10 a number is this check value.

Why we?

Appealing to the specialists of our firm, you will be able to get ITN without difficulties and in minimum terms.

From you the copy of passport and warrant notarized for a notary on the specialist of our firm will be required. All other work we engage in minimum terms and qualitatively.

Our command will give help to you in collection of the requested package documentation and will conduct FREE consultations on all nascent questions.

Trust caring to the specialists.

Chart of work:

  • Preparation and collection of necessary package of documents;
  • Dispatch of the prepared package in Government Fiscal service;
  • Complete accompaniment of documents is in Government Fiscal service;
  • Receipt of ITN.


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