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Registration of foreign companies (offshores)

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

Service in creation and registration of foreign companies (offshores) consists of a few constituents:

  • Free primary consultation on the specific of activity with the use of non-residental firms;
  • Valuable package of nominal service (director, founder, if necessary - beneficiary);
  • Reliable legal address in jurisdiction at the place of registration;
  • Services of registration agent and state payment;
  • Development of all required documents for registration of firm.

Complete package of apostille documentation (depends on a region, but sense of documents remains unchanging):

  • Apostille sewing together of documents (Certificate of Collation);
  • Testifying to the incorporation (Certificate of Incorporation);
  • Agreement about partnership (Partnership Agreement);
  • Are Notes of the first meeting of shareholders' of company (Minutes of the First Meeting of the members);
  • Decision of shareholders about partnership (Resolution of Members);
  • Trust declaration (Declaration of trust);
  • Warrant under apostille (General Power of Attorney);
  • Certificate about ignorance of economic activity (Сertificate of non - trading);
  • Documents about a transmission (Instruments of Transfer);
  • Certificate of capital (Certificate of Capital);
  • Exemption letter from directors (Letter of resignation);
  • Agreement on the grant of nominal service (Agreement for the provision of nominee services);
  • Printing of 1 pcs.

Why it is needed to choose exactly us?

Pick-a-back specialists of legal company "Legal Solutions" there is enormous experience in area of and maintenance of business registration. We will undertake all your caring, regards registration of offshore company.

Our task is celled in that you did not spend the precious time on collection and registration of papers, and standing in turns. All caring we take in the hands!

Advantages are registration of foreigin company (offshores)

Today, as never registration of foreign company is incredibly actual for businessmen, IT- of companies and professionals in the different spheres of activity.

Company abroad is a key element for a conduct and to existence absolutely of any business. So, by means of foreign companies many tasks are arrived at:

  • Defence of assets;
  • Strengthening of imaginary constituent of brand;
  • Optimization of taxation;
  • Increases of level of confidentiality of owners;
  • Going into new markets;
  • Adjusting of financial streams;
  • Company abroad is an instrument that allows to business successfully to develop and increase a profit.

It is needed to realize that registration of firm abroad is labour intensive enough procedure that it is better to entrust to the specialist. Highly skilled lawyers will help not only to understand all process of opening but also shared out with by you by the experience, regard the construction of advantageous and profitable business abroad. Frequently services in registration abroad plug in itself an assistance in her subsequent service. Important enough, before to open a company, determined with a kind the carried out activity.

Today the most actual service is registration of LTD. abroad, because limit liability company possesses the most simple requirements to the obligations.

Registration of foreign companies (offshores)

Registration of off-shore company takes place after a few working days, physical receipt of documents in Ukraine - in a flow 3-5 working days.

In most cases, procedure for the receipts of offshores comes true in such order:

Primary advising

On her you possess possibility to get the prepared firm already. On the primary advising a consultant helps exactly to find out difficulties of client and show main ways for their removal. Frequently, at the primary advising a consultant and customer decide jurisdiction and required additional services (scoring first in a bank, nominal services, drawing up warrants and other).

Registration of form

Registration of offshores, it is countries first of all, whose legislation lets to use tax and other deductions to the non-residental companies.

Offshore is the most effective method of the international tax planning. It is a reliable and legal instrument on doing business, that gives an opportunity to lower, or quite to clean tax payments of firms, or physical person.

Due to the large network of registration agents in the whole world and to the clear mechanism of registration of offshore firms, the Legal company "Legal Solutions" carries out registers offshores and passes to documentation the client in time, equal 5-7 days, from the moment of the primary advising and transmission by the client of documents.

Further maintenance of offshore firm

After registration of firm and transmission of package of documents to the client, an offshore company is required in quality service and support of the normal state. We render services of legal address, service after the giving of nominal director, shareholder, prepay of duties, and also, that very meaningfully: we help to open a bank account abroad.

In a great deal from that, with whom you plan to build the business, the choice of jurisdiction will depend for registration of firm. The following because of importance factor already will be a minimum level of taxation and accounting.

Thus, due to the arranged work and professionalism, the specialists of our company will help you in the choice of the required jurisdiction for the incorporation of company and to work out documents in an order to score first in a bank abroad.

Interesting decision on registration of company abroad, there is Scotland - actually part of Great Britain - actually not offshores. It is offshore territory that combines in itself the representatively of Great Britain and merits. To them it is possible to take absence of obligations under handing over of reporting and absence of tax payments. It is an enormous plus.

That will be required for registration

For successful procedure of registration it is abroad necessary to prepare the certain package of documents:

  • Warrant addressed to the representative of our company;
  • Statement that contains all information about a firm;
  • Regulation documents of firm;
  • Certificate from SSR;
  • Certificate from a bank, confirmative solvency of company;
  • Document testifying to the location of company to indicated legal address.

Our legal company

A legal company "Legal Solutions" is specialized on the area of services in support of business, drafting of documentation, and also in working of the system of activity of business and simplification of financial streams. Due to long-term experience in the segment of registration of foreign companies, We are ready to help you and give unique decisions, great choice of reliable, assured services in acquisition, incorporation and support of companies in any point of the world.

Registration of offshore company - this action allows to read with a comfort business, using all advantages of international markets, not beginning to think about taxes and collections.

In any case, registration of all documentation implies under itself the heavy tolls of temporal and financial resources, but it is a small stake by comparison to problems, that can appear for dishonourable proprietors deciding обхитрить a law.

Choosing us as a partner, you can be sure that we recommend reliable and tested by time decisions only. We guarantee stability in mutual relations and complete confidentiality.

Chart of work:

  • We get Request from a client;
  • We conduct the personal meeting with a client and choose the optimal variant of opening of offshore company;
  • We get 50 % prepay;
  • We render assistance in the choice of the company (we organize checking for actuality) name, carry out the selection of types of activity on SIC;
  • We carry out registration and put on an account in necessary organs;
  • We make printing;
  • We pass to the complete package of documentation and printing the client;
  • We get 50% ставшейся payments for the conducted procedure.

Cross-country race of sale:

  • Help at registration of bank accounts in any point of the world;
  • Offshore bank maps with a credit and in-clearing account;
  • Tax is a free purchase, sale and storage of precious metals in Switzerland;
  • Assistance in the receipt of licenses on гемблинг (E - Gaming) is a casino, lottery, totalizator, including territory of ЕС;
  • Additional economic citizenship (second passport);
  • Registration of courts and yachts is in the countries of "comfortable" Flag;
  • Мерчант of service. Opening of trade account for payment of services for the reception of cashless payment through maps;
  • Help of consultant in the questions of defence of assets, development of comfortable corporate structure for doing business;
  • Legal, book-keeping and public accountant services are in the countries of registration of companies.


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