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We also work in the following countries:

Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, UK, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Seychelles, Belize and etc.

Contact us now and get:

Registration of mass medias

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

That includes media registration:

  • consultation with any questions related to the registration procedure;
  • preparation of all required documentation;
  • submission of documents to the registration authority;
  • a certificate of registration;
  • free shipping.

Why us?

  • Our lawyers have extensive experience in the field of media design.
  • All experts are studying not only the theory, but also all the nuances that may arise in the course of registration of mass media.
  • We guarantee results!

The media (the media) - the best option to present a worldwide view of the important things in our lives, let people know something of their interest. Definition media includes not only newspapers, magazines and television general napravleniya.K this group necessarily need to add specialized publications.

Printed publications in our country, as a rule, are presented as a periodic and regular publications that come out in the same mode for more than one year. The certificate of registration of mass media may be issued as a company and the individual.

In Ukraine, the media released as their first language, and many other foreign languages. For the registration procedure in Kiev newspaper or magazine you need to address some issues related to the publication, namely:

  • what will be the type of your publication. Address registration means itself are nuances, are worth paying attention to;
  • distribution region;
  • release rate and so forth.

If you contact our company, you will be able to free themselves from the various nuances. In addition, our company is able to significantly reduce the time for the whole procedure of registration in order to save your time and facilitate the registration process media.

The essence of design lies in making your media in the Unified State. registry. After making you possess the legal right to conduct its activities. It is our company is able to provide you with all the required documentation.
According newfangled stages of development is gaining more and more popular Internet media. Unfortunately, the laws of our country does not provide for the creation of this type of media, and so you have to make the usual check the media once a week for example, and in parallel to produce a magazine on the pages of the Internet.

Register media

Law firm "LegalSolyushnz" in the market of legal services has been working for more than one year. During this time in our arsenal appeared invaluable practical experience in various branches of law. We constantly engage in cooperation qualified lawyers who know their business. On the account of each of them is one positive solution to the issues with which they are accessed by clients. It is due to hard work, responsibility and continuous improvement of our experts "Legal Sonyushnz" was able to establish itself on the positive side and take a top position in the market. This is evidenced by numerous references from our satisfied customers. Quality work, focused on your results - our main credo!

Documentation may be required for the successful completion of registration of mass media:

  • publishing information about the founder;
  • type of publication;
  • publishing status;
  • the full name of the publication;
  • language / languages of publication;
  • distribution region;
  • preferred category of readers;
  • planned frequency of issue, volume (in conventional printed pages) and publication format;
  • founder of the address;
  • the location of the edition;
  • the main direction of the publication.

Work algorithm:

  • We receive applications from the client;
  • We provide a personal meeting with the client;
  • Get 50% deposit;
  • We help with the choice of the name is determined with a view of the publication, printing speed, etc .;
  • On the basis of the submitted documents and information are developing all the necessary documents for registration of mass media;
  • We provide support for the signing of the document;
  • Registering with the Ministry of Justice;
  • We pass the certificate of registration of the client;
  • Get 50% payment for the post held procedure.


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