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Registration of joint-stock company

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Basic services:

  • it is Realization of complete collection of participants of propulsion MODULE;
  • it is Development of documentation of resolvent producing action in a commission on securities;
  • it is Conclusion with the National depositary of Ukraine and keeper of agreement on maintenance of emission of actions;
  • it is State registration of joint-stock company;
  • it is Creation of printing;
  • it is Scoring first in a bank;
  • it is Registration in the organs of fiscal service, electing of the system of taxation.

Why we:

A company "Legal Solutions" conducts registration of different sort of persons, including registration of joint-stock company during many years. Therefore the workers of our company possess necessary professional skills and able to give to you a quality help in registration such organizationally - legal form as a joint-stock company. The help of specialists of firm also will allow to avoid misunderstanding you with recording and supervisory organs in future to avoid penalty and financial approvals.

Pluses of joint-stock company :

  • the participants of joint-stock company regularly get an additional profit presented by dividends;
  • in case of disintegration of joint-stock company persons possessing mainly actions get greater part of property;
  • persons, owning simple actions able to take part in the process of guidance by an enterprise;
  • a stock holder is able to use them at own discretion, to apply them as a mortgage in the conducted transactions and loans;
  • stock holders do not have connection with the duties of propulsion MODULE and able to suffer a loss only within bounds of prices on the taken stocks in;
  • in case of active entrepreneurial activity the cost of actions can considerably grow at the market, that in case of their sale able to bring an additional profit.

Registration of joint-stock company :

In our time procedure of registration of propulsion MODULE is a labour intensive enough operation. In default of idea about the order of correct registration independently to design it it will be unsimply. Except it, procedure requires corresponding theoretical knowledge both in the field of corporate and in the areas of financial right and experience with securities.

The process of registration can be divided by the next stages:

  • Realization of collection of all participants of future propulsion MODULE on that will decide question about organization of joint-stock company;
  • Realization of procedures on the issue of equities;
  • State registration of propulsion MODULE;
  • Procedure of registration on an exchange, search of broker. It is also needed to mark that modern laws set the minimum amount of regulation moneys of society, making 1250 МРОТ, on a rate operating in the moment of organization of propulsion MODULE.

For organization of joint-stock company it is required to give next documentation:

1) If of number of founders an ordinary person consists:

  • it is copy of passport of citizen of Ukraine or copy of passport / of passport document / and copy of certificate about the appropriation of (if I am);
  • it is the warrant Notarized by a notary from all participants on the lawyer of our firm. This warrant is recorded through any notary. If required, we will render assistance in the grant of maintenance of document, or we will be able to recommend you a notary with that we carry out a collaboration.

2) If of number of partners a legal entity consists:

  • an Property abstract from USR of founder;
  • copy of charter;
  • copy of passport, certificate about setting of ITN guidance’s and documentation, testifying to his rights;
  • Property abstract from of legal entities and physical persons - businessmen, operating on the date of grant of documentation for registration of issue of equities, either copy of extract from a state register or from the certification of local government the foreign state about registration of legal entity, confirmed by a notary.
  • Report on financial activity for the span of time, that was before the quarter of serve of documentation with the purpose of realization of registration of producing of part of actions, including the state of balance, and also detailed report on the got incomes and born losses of all participants;
  • the public Accountant decision with the grant of documents confirmative financial prosperity of legal entity of consisting of joint-stock company;
  • the public Accountant decision on consideration of possibility of legal entity to pay payments in the general capital of society;
  • Notarial drawn an up warrant on the lawyers of our company;
  • In the process of registration necessarily the following information will be required:
  • type of future propulsion MODULE;
  • complete name of joint-stock company;
  • it is a place of location propulsion MODULE. The grant of documentary confirmation is required to that end, namely documentations confirmative a right for the use of certain apartments. To such it is possible to take evidences of title, or agreement on the lease of apartment. In case of absence of such documentation you can appeal to the specialists of our firm;
  • it is a list of future types of activity, that your joint-stock company will begin to engage in. CEA you will be able to choose both independently and at an address to the lawyers of firm "Legal Solutions";
  • it is an aim of work;
  • it is leading composition of society;
  • it is a volume of regulation facilities;
  • it is a type of actions;
  • it is a normal cost of actions at the market;
  • it is an order of forming of regulation facilities;
  • are stakes of distribution of parts of charter capital;
  • Since the moment of dispatch of all necessary documents, the process of registration begins. In some questions additional information or explanations can be required to documentation.

Chip of joint-stock companies :

  • it is Ability of actions to be freely revolved. PJSR is able to produce both the closed sale of actions and open. PJSC able to produce the only closed placing of actions;
  • Shareholders of public joint-stock company are able to be released from part of the assets without notification of other participants of society, in some the situation the charter of private joint-stock company is envisage advantage of shareholders, as well as all society on the purchase of actions of this propulsion MODULE, that a shareholder has the opportunity to sell to the absolutely strange person.
  • The choice of type of joint-stock company depends on the direct tasks and interests, wired for sound by proprietors.

After registration you get:

  • it is Description of the documents presented on state registration, where the code of grant of state service, on that it is possible through a network the internet, is specified, to become familiar with the conducted procedure of registration and unseal the copy of extract and charter.
  • it is Copy of Charter, protocol and constituent agreement.
  • it is Self-control from ЕГР.
  • Certificate from a bank about scoring first.
  • are Testifying to registrations of actions and registered accounting about the private sale of actions.
  • it is Agreement with the National depositary on maintenance of actions and global certificate.
  • it is Printing.
  • Certificate from the department of statistics (at pleasure).

Algorithm of work :

  • a receipt of order from a client;
  • setting of consultation to Client with the purpose of acquaintance of him with all moments of this service and query from the client of necessary information
  • a receipt from Client of the required documentation on founders;
  • preparation of documentation;
  • it is realization of collection of shareholders and signing of Protocol;
  • it is an address to the National commission on securities and fund market with questions on producing and registration of actions;
  • it is state registration of propulsion MODULE;
  • it is making of printing;
  • it is scoring first in a bank;
  • are reports and certificates on placing of actions.


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