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Registration of Enterprises

Did you decide to open own business?

Are you the citizen of Ukraine, or other country, by a legal entity and you do not have limitations in legal or to the capability and you want to carry out economic activity?

A legal company "Legal Solution" is able to help you in this question.

In an order to begin to conduct economic activity of any direction, originally required receipts of status of management subject, id est to be recorded as legal, or physical person-businessman.

Registration is begun with working of the most advantageous legal form, along with the type of taxation. A legal form gets out taking into account the aims of organization, also as taking into account a legislation.

For beginning businessmen a form is more comfortable physical person-businessman. For her deep cognition is not required in area of book-keeping, and she is conducted on its own behalf.. Legal entities tend to choose private enterprise (B), Limited Liability Company (LLC), which is characterized by high capacity and availability

Private enterprise, this enterprise that carries out the activity on the basis of peculiar one, or a few persons, that it is set in charter fund. The charter capital of the STATE of emergency gets organized due to holding of founders and in a difference from LTD. does not possess the fixed size.

Besides a legal form and charter fund, there are a few important for registration moments that must be decided to the proprietor. A legal address, name of enterprise, system of taxation of and other, behaves to them

A legal company "Legal Solution" carries out the complex of services on any stage state . registrations. Lawyers of company "Legal Solution", possess rich experience of work, along with a desire to help and take into account all wishes of our clients. We cooperate with all state . by structures and it makes warranty calmness and success



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